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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Junsu, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. <span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>Kay soÂ… -shifty eyes- IÂ’ve got this new character, seeÂ… HeÂ’s gay, seeÂ… IÂ’ve got some plots, seeÂ…

    ........ All right, done with that. xD

    Still, it’s true! I’ve got some plots for some threaddssss, and I need your help to get ‘em done! I’ll list off some of my ideas right now…

    -Saeri is in need of customers, for one. He owns a cosmetics shop down in Bhim, and maybe some of you ladies (or gentleman, if need be) want to try/buy/chat/etc?

    -He also needs to meet some boys, preferably gay or bisexual ones, but straight too, if you wanna get hit on. :3 DoesnÂ’t matter the background, since he doesnÂ’t care. Gotta see the menu before you order.;D This could be at bars/nightclubs/etc. He frequents many places in Bhim.

    -SaeriÂ’s gonna get a tattoo sometime soon, so if any of you tattoo artistes out there want to give him one, hook me up! :B

    -Maybe he'll get a roommate for his apartment above the shop? Maybe his boyfriend, or...someone else? Possible love interest? -shrug-

    1) Customer [Morichai]
    2) MeetnGreet [Jynx]
    3) Love Interest [Ensalka]


    And that’s all I’ve come up with so far. If you wanna check out his profile, maybe you can get more ideas and fling ‘em at me? Do iiiiiit~

  2. Cool cool. My character Telbaj is a tattoo artist with a lil shop in the black market. It runs on the weekends usually but if you catch her around she'd gladly take you back to the shop or use what hand held tools she keeps with her for just such an occasion~
  3. Ploy's down. :3 though i will be slow until next week, i'm LOADED with work. s:
  4. Crystal Vixen: Sure, he'd love to get a tattoo... ^^ I'm not sure if he'd go for a quickie, though... He might need some help with ideas and such... Also (and this is just 'cause I'm a dork) does your character use organic ink? I'm afraid Saer would only get a tattoo if that was the case. :O He's really quite a nutcase about that stuff.

    Phylus: With Ploy? Sure, he seems fun~ ^^ What kinna thread, where, and do you want me to start? Don't worry 'bout being busy... RaL seems pretty quiet to me, so I'm used to it. My other RPG keeps me pretty busy anyway. :D
  5. Hai :P

    i think i have two characters that might be of use to yew ^^

    Tiramitsu: Owns a lingerie line, maybe she wants to have some of his make -up instore to sell?

    Caiden - Bisexual manly man with lots of charm and he can bake you organic cakes and all that cool stuff maybe lots of flirting ands things?!! I can't play out super mature threads though up till then is ok >_> *personal choices n stuff, but yeah fade to black* Did i mention hes a teacher? *wink nudge nudge*
  6. Yarp. Things are generally slower paced here. Lotta college/university nuts and full time jobs. :x

    Any of my characters are available for threadage as well. :)
  7. Morichai: Hey, both of those characters sound good. ^^

    Tiramitsu would be quite useful in promoting his work - he can meet her maybe, and they can set up a deal. Then possibly visit occasionally? New friend...? Hmmn...

    As for Caiden, I'd certainly be up to trying some threads between the two. I'd like for him to meet some boys first before choosing, but flirting/one night stands (I'm bad I know... *_*)/etc. are good too. ^_^

    Whaddya think? Anddd, if you want threads now, do you want me to start them/where would like them/etc, orr...?

    Shriker: Haha, I'm a college student too, just home for summer, thank the gods. D:

    Hmmmn.... *_* I have no idea which character I'd like him to be up against... got any ideas for a plot, maybe? Or I can go through and choose, I dunno....
  8. I'll set my brain in motion. ^_^ If there's any of my characters you'd like to have a thread with, lemme know. I'm pretty open. I think that it might be neat to have one with Vythe though. He cares quite a bit about his appearance and taking care of himself (and others for that matter). So the idea of him being in a cosmetic shop isn't too foreign. Then there's also Jaceen, who has probably never worn any type of make-up, or even set foot in a cosmetic store before. She can be pretty funny. I guess it depends on the kind of thread you're in the mood for. :)
  9. Tiramitsù is one of those charries that you can get on with ^_^ very friendly, outgoing etc..... stupidly weathly yet nice ^^ she'd be looking at ways to make her store more versatile ^^, so getting back on track... they could meet up at a nice higher class lunch/ restaurant, he can present his make up, tell her abouut it etc! and then they have a good old time!
  10. Shriker: I'm in the mood for any kind of thread, really. :D I think it'd be awesome if Vythe finds his way to the shop... Errr... as for Jaceen, maybe, if she frequents bars/clubs, Saeri could be like... -shameless plugging- "You're looking a little pekid... want some products? :DD " or "Honey, you need some makeup and -fast-!" XD I'm not too sure. I can start any sort of thread, if you like. 8D

    Morichai: Tira would be great. &_& Maybe she's heard about his stuff, and contacts him of some sort, through letter/whatever and wants to meet for lunch? It'd be an awesome old time~~ You want me to start, or...?
  11. Oh you said it :3 could you start? Say he has the letter already? and goes to the fancy delicous food place yes :3
  12. Sure, I'll hopefully have the post up today or tomorrow. ^^
  13. naaah should beee fine :3 posted btw >3
  14. Maybe one with Gyethym or Kuma?
  15. Hem, sure. 8D Whichever one you want~~
  16. Ok. Do you want me to start?
  17. If you like. :D Anywhere is fine.
  18. Hey can I claim the love interest plot? :D omg.
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