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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Enalska, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Okay so for the past week I've been wanting to get some plots going but I didn't want to make a fool of myself by posting... or something stupid like that, but yea.

    I've been kinda dead here, but a lot of people have been busy and thus can't reply all too actively to threads and I don't mind this, but I'd like some action, and I have a few basic ideas that we can roll with and branch out from.

    So... yea. Ideas. Right. Since I'm such a sadistic little bastard, I'd like it if I got someone who would want to use Eirik; Eirik here is good natured, kind, trusting, quiet, but once he gets used to someone(which happens rather quick sometimes), he's shallow, fun, and flirtatious. Eirik wants a long-term relationship with someone, and thus comes in my mean idea of having someone lead him on and use him until they got tired of him and then ditched. And then after that ensues emo stuff but we'll get to that when the time comes. xD
    If you have any more ideas for him, lemme know.

    Then there's Gunner, who I don't really have any ideas for... he's too apathetic to want to go around getting laid and partying, but I think it'd be fun to have him gain some kinda enemy that manages to piss of mr. hardass and mess with him whenever they can/want. Any other ideas are welcome here too fff.

    Lastly, there's Sydney. ... Yea I don't have anything good for him either. No ideas what so ever 8D;

    so uh... I hope I get some takers xD we can discuss ideas/plots here or over pm, whatever you want. I'm open for threads and anything really, fights, infatuation, friends, whatever. And if you want a thread with Gunner we can discuss and idea and steal that <a href=>stupid aw thread</a> I've had open for him since the freakin beginning of october.

    -slinks away to sit in corner nervously-
  2. These're still open to takers... xD -dies- anyone? I'd like to get back into the swing of things here... u_u
  3. ME ME ME!!! :)

    I'm desperate to rp lol.

    Phoenix would work with Eirik :P Cant use Ebony as she's in a relationship with a pup :O

    Do you want to rp with another character of mine too? :) x
  4. Sorry for the wait on this but yea.. a thread would be good but I don't see a girl using him as well as a guy could considering he's gay. BUT since I still wanna do this plot, I figure maybe after a few threads she'd be able to get in that deep with him, so. Do you mind that? Having a few threads, I mean. Cause it'll take time for sure.

    And maybe later, after we make a decision on this and finish those. I like to keep threads to a minimum of one thread per person until I finish said thread xD
  5. <span style='color:purple'>*ponders, stroking shavenbeard* Well if Eirik does love Garrett but then meets another guy who seriously messes with him there could be a rather large break down. Though he would still be under contract XD, Which could make him change a lil on the attitude part. Though I wouldn't like that to happen yet. ^.^

    Gunner I think needs to get in with the wrong crowd as it were. Voluntarily or forcibly. By force would be interesting. Breaking him down a little until he joins a gang or whatever. If voluntarily I guess it would be in the aid of some justice official.</span>
  6. That could work. I don't mind several threads. Or Med could really mess with his head?

    Or I can rp with another character :P Up to you :P x
  7. Maddy- I think it'd be more fun for her to mess around with him. It'd really work him up if she was like, flirting one moment and then hating the next. Keeping that up would drive him insane. xD OR Using Med to mess with his head would work. Either way, whichever one you think would be more fun is fine.

    James- Man we need to finish our current thread so we can get a move on him and his job and their relationship. That way if another guy comes along and fucks with Eirik drama can ensue. xD

    As for Gunner, I'm gonna need to consider if he would bother joining a gang but it wouldn't be hard at all for him to fall into the wrong crowd. It might take a while to <i>force</i> him to do anything, actually... cause I'm not sure if he'd allow that to happen. BUT the idea itself is interesting. How can we get this to happen? :3
  8. <table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Enalska @ Jan 26 2009, 10:38 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'>

    As for Gunner, I'm gonna need to consider if he would bother joining a gang but it wouldn't be hard at all for him to fall into the wrong crowd. It might take a while to <i>force</i> him to do anything, actually... cause I'm not sure if he'd allow that to happen. BUT the idea itself is interesting. How can we get this to happen? :3 </td></tr></table>
    <span style='color:purple'>Some gangs recruit through violent means. Perhaps when he next visits one of the gangs could be around the area looking for useful looking 'dragons. If he doesn't agree to joining that'd imprison him, torture and such until he agrees. Pain can be so useful. And once a particular group of individuals get their claws in there's no easy way out.

    Now playing: Mode - Personal Jesus</a>
  9. Do you have said gang members or leaders? Or ... I dunno but I'm all for the idea of having Gun get pressured into a gang. What I'm asking is.. are you gonna help me with this? Or were you just throwing the idea out there? xD
  10. Ideas are good but I'd just <i>love</i> to rp said ideas.

    Perhaps I should thread you and yer mob boss? :3
  11. <span style='color:purple'>Sure. ^.^ For some reason I don't seem as busy as usual. ^.^ Will need to do our Eirik and Garrett one too. Haven't had the chance to use Valyne and his pet Weredragons.</span>
  12. Actually, I don't mean to intrude on you guys but this gang boss mafia thingy seems like lots of fun...can I be an extra? xD
  13. Yea I need to jump on that, I'll reply to them soon. I seem to have more muse for Gunner now than Eirik.

    We definitely need to thread with Gunner and Valyne, and Aiuret, you should definitely join! It sounds like fun, I don't wanna hog all the action. Who would you join with? :3
  14. I have no idea. I'm not entirely sure how this gang thing is going to carry out since I don't know much about it.
  15. <span style='color:purple'>Lol I don't mind will just give Valyne more people to hurt. (I need to think of names for his two lycan bodyguards. XD)</span>
  16. Okay then.. who starts and where?
  17. Sure, I can be an extra for you to hurt, lol.
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