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  1. Alright.. hopefully I did it right, did it work?, cause I just clicked on the link you provided, pasted the data and clicked submit, I hope it works...
  2. Hey, I tried to redo my chars, but I couldn't find the rogue or ranger trades. Any suggestions?
  3. Those two trades got removed because they were more like job/position titles than trades. Maybe try Fighting and Tracking? Or you can pick entirely different trades. It's up to you.
  4. ok, thanks
  5. oh, i just realized something, there is no way to find the play where you can check if your character is accepted or rejected! i tried to find it!!!! had to luck!!!

    and second, there is no spot to put family members but its part of the characters sheet when you view it, so where are we susposed to put and siblings or parents names?

    just wondering :P amazing job jodes, it looks amazing. i love it!

    woot, im amazed with what you will come up next! heh
  6. Alright I did everything you said :P hmm now next thing to do is be bored o_0 no..draw Rogue XD
  7. kewl all done ^0^ grgeat job on everything jodie ^^
  8. Okay, I got the pm telling me they were accepted... Now do I post to the "old" profiles, or do I copy and paste the "new" profiles from the pms, cause I accidentally replied to Khuyt Jepaj in my dumbassness....
  9. :P Post a reply to your character's OLD profile. :] It's just so that I know which ones have been added to the new profile system.
  10. Errr.... Flood control is on? Why is it stopping me from replying to my other chars, and why is it stopping me even after 30 secs...
  11. In relation to the profiles... how d'you edit your own? I can't find a button anywhere. =)

    Sorry, random question, wrong place.
  12. You've been PMed with the info. :] All of the links that you need to edit your characters and whatnot can be found in the Member's Area now.
  13. Thanks very much. =)
  14. Few things: The ranger, warrior Trades are missing.
    Khaz was secondary warrior, but I made him alchemy for now, which kinda screws a bunch of stuff up.

    And I converted Suro to Menlo seeing how he's got no Ranger Trade.
  15. I've answered this question a lot of times now. :/

    So Warrior has become Fighting, Mortician has become Embalming, etc.
  16. I'm still unable to edit in the info for "Character Relations"... just want to know if it's still in-process. Thanks....

  17. I dunno, but perhaps could you make a spot where we can enter our pictures of our pendragons? To the profile anyhoo o_0
  18. Yes, the editing character relations thing is still in progress. It's been more high priority getting all of the old profiles trasferred over into the new system and getting the bugs in that to work. So patience please. ;)

    And I'm thinking about a place for pictures, Rogue.
  19. Um, is there is way to edit the Trades of our characters?
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