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  1. Look, I used capitals as my title. That must mean that this is important. :]

    <s>New Character and Player Applications are temporary offline.

    What that means is if you aren't a member of Ramath-lehi already with a character posted in the Character Profiles forum, you can't submit applications for new characters. Come back in 2-3 days and new applications should be open once again. Sorry for the inconvenience, but things are already going to be hectic, and the new player variable could just bubble things over the top.</s> Update: We're now accepting new character/player applications once again.

    Next order of business. If you are a current member of Ramath-lehi, I need you to pay close attention to this next bit.

    The new version of the character profiles is working. This means that you can now submit your characters. So, here's what I need you to do.

    1. Go to the Area</a>
    2. Click on the link "View my Characters"

    This should bring up a list of all the characters that you have posted in the Profiles</a> forum.

    3. Now that you've got a list of all the characters that you currently own, you get to do the fun part. Copying and Pasting. :) For each character that you wish to keep, I'd like you to copy and paste their information into the new Creation</a> page and submit it. Rinse hair and repeat.

    4. Now, here comes the tricky part. For each character that you copy and paste from the Character Profiles forum - I'd like you to post a reply to the character topic in that forum. If can be anything, random gibberish if you want. This is just so that I know which profiles have already been posted, and which ones haven't.

    If one of your characters (or more) has multiple trades - don't worry about it. Just pick the two most important trades your character has to use on the creation page. Your character's additional trades *will* eventually be added.

    As of this moment, there is *no* character creation limit. So all of the characters that you want to keep, you may.

    Feel free to ask questions or for clarification. :] There are still quite a few things that are unfinished with the profiles, but they are still currently being worked on, so please keep this in mind. :P
  2. i tried singing up 2day opps i have 2 do it again plz fix the site quick :(
  3. The site's not broken. But new members should be able to join again perhaps this Sunday. So you can try submitting an application then. :)
  4. Errr, why does it tell me I don't have permission to repost my chars? I AM a member right? and I already HAVE them registered? hmmm.... any ideas?
  5. What's the error that you're getting..?
  6. "Sorry, you do not have permission to start a topic in this forum"

    I dunno what it means, maybe it's me? Cause I see Fused Ediolon has done his chars...
  7. er, read through the instructions again. At no point did I tell you to start a new topic in the Character Profiles forum. ^^;
  8. Congrats Jodie :D That seemed like a lot of work to get those done and up. I'm sure they will be great when they are all up and finished.

    1 down, 9 to go. This will give me a good chance to go through my character sheets. It's been a while since I've seen a few ^^;;
  9. Aye, Jodie, kudos for how well the profiles are made up. All that work, but it paid off! Great job. :]
  10. Yeah, lol.. hopefully it'll all turn out pretty neat. Right now I'm just trying to get this one blasted update query to work. *shakes a fist at it* I keep on making all sorts of typos in my code. x.o

    Edit: Woop. And you're now able to edit your character's info.
  11. Actually, I'm unable to edit my "Character Relations" section... your new character app. didn't ask for the info, and won't allow me to edit it in, even though it now has a section for the info. I find that rather strange....

    Anyway, mayhap you have a solution for that?.... :blink:

  12. Hmm... yes, very strange. :]

    I, in fact, don't have a solution to this problem quite yet. But I do have an answer for you. :P

    The Character Relations section isn't complete yet. Once it is done however, you'll be able to edit in the names of your character's relations by editing their profile. It's the part of the profiles that I'm currently working on at the moment, so it should only take another day or two until that's completely functional.

    If you want to follow my progress, I've been posting updates about the profiles in this thread: ... topic=2839</a>
  13. hmmm, very interesting, i was just a tad bit confused about one thing, you fill out all the information, in the new character sheet sign up page, i got that hehe, now, where do we post when we finish, or what are we susposed to do? to let you know when all the characters we want to keep are done, and the others can be deleted if we are no longer going to use them, or put them up for adoption?

    nar, im tired. hehe that might be my problem!!!
  14. Just post replies to all of your old Character Profile topics in the Character Profile forum. ^^ I've just been getting people to do that so that I know which profiles have been added to the new database and also which ones I still need to tack additonal trades onto. :P And yep, also for me to know which ones can be deleted. It's like... a massive character purge. Hehe. I might have a thing for character adoption later on too, but I'm not quite sure yet.
  15. *Fweeee* ^_^ Its like early Christmes presents!!!! *runs off to do her pages*
  16. yes, in a way this is actually fun! haha dont ask, im insane wooooooooooooooooo lol naw, just kidding around, well must get started on this, and wow, this is a good way to revamp characters, and work on some of them, or get rid of ones im not using, wow, ok im too happy over this, going to go work on them now!
  17. Just curious, are we supposed to be able to see the topics in the Temp. Forum for characters already submitted? Because I can't. And I forgot to copy + paste all of the extra information for my characters last night when I was submitting them all. Like their relationships and pets... seeing as I will need the info to add in later. :3
  18. hey shriker wat's the game like? p.s i have not played it yet
  19. Lol... Maybe I'm just a dumbass then? :P Alright!, Time to take another crack at this! :D
  20. I'll fix that. It's just a forum permissions error on my part. ^^

    Ah, and I know you haven't played yet because new character applications are closed, lol. You can find out what the game is like by reading over the forum, and also through all of the information in the joining guide (the join link at the top of the page) and also the faq. If you have any questions, you're also free to post in the Help forum.
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