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Thread in 'General Chat' started by PirateFerret, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Mm, because I adore your dolls, could I request a couple of the big'uns for 'Verse and Sev'?

    8D; I know they take you longer, so as a sort of payment, I'll do another pixel portrait in addition to Finasis'~?
  2. Oooo squee!!!! That would be awesome! ^^ Could you do one of Kilske? :duck:

    *adds them to zee list*
  3. Yup! I updated my list accordingly 8D
  4. I really like the minis. They're so cute.

    Very nicely done.
  5. Why thanky. ^^

    I really like your avatar. Tis the awesomeness. Did you make it?
  6. I-I'm shameless. I apologize D:

    Can I get an itty-bitty Vilka? >_>
  7. Ahhhh. Think you could do one of the big dolls for Requiem and Atti? I'll do a sketch or something for you, in return.
  8. Arg, Sil I was just lookin at Vilka's profile and thinking...man that would be a cute little pixely-guy. Oraannnggeeee hhaaaaiiirrrr. So yush, you can. ^^

    And I would love to do some dollys for you Attrius. T'would be my pleasure. No need for drawings in return, but if you really want to that would be uber lovely. You can do any char you want...though I would be interested to see how you draw Meelemar and/or Naedvas.

    Ill get started on these here in a little bit since I got some time.
  9. -squees and clings to PF-
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