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  1. ooh... Could I have a lil' paushy, or if the skelly arm is too tricky, a little Del? No ref for paush, Del's are all at the bottom of his profile...
  2. Bah, I apologize Del, but I wont be doin' those little pixely things for a long while, if ever. Im sorry to have made you wait this long...its been nearly a year. My my....

    Anyway. I am writing a comic called Soul Harvesters. The enthusiasm I have recieved so far just fills my heart with joy, and keeps me motivated to continue working on it. And I would just adore it if even one of you wandered over and read my comic. I hope you enjoy:

    http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/48893519/Soul Harvesters Page 1</a>

    The first page has links to the remainder of the pages.
  3. Heh its not bad at all ive been set a task at college to do a comic so im on mac's mostly and theres a new program called Comic Life its great for making comic boxes and laouts. all you have to do is scan your images put it in one folder and go into the program and just drag and drop the boxs you need and images all of it is modifyable so if you can find it it should make it alot faster and easyer. also all the speach bubbles and so on are there.
  4. Oh wow. That sounds amazingly helpful. Thank you. ^^

    I was having difficulties at the beginning deciding how much to do on the computer and how much to do with hand. All the fades and gradients were going to be on computer but they clashed with my drawing style so...out the window they went. And now Im doing most of it by hand, Hehe. ^^
  5. Heh the way comics were made before. but still if you can find it it can be usefull.
    my problem is i cant draw so its takin g a fair bit of time to do so im like busy busy busy for the next two weeks damned deadlines 18 frames in ten weeks inked and everything. I will get it done even if i have no sleep for a week!
  6. Erm. Bump.

    My dolly requests are open again for the time being, along with some new pixely pals.

    See first post if you dont know what the dollies are, and to see examples of the new template.
  7. :o I have no idea how you work on stuff thatÂ’s so small! Look at that itty bitty Cilea! TheyÂ’re adorable :heart:
  8. ...Those are RIDICULOUSLY adorable!

  9. Dude, like. They're so cute I kinda want to eat them. !_! :heart: I agree on them being simply adorkable.
  10. Mrg. Thanks a lot you guys. Im glad you like 'em.

    Cilea and Reverse sorta look like very bright fruit snacks with all the pretty colors. Little gummy 'dragons. :rapine:
  11. Oh yay another bright gummy 'dragon. ^^ *squee*

    Since Sevy has wings Im gonna go ahead and give him a larger pic size so the wings are not all crunched into the same size as the others....

    Edit: Little Sevy is done. I had a hard time trying to get his tail and tail flame to stick out above the wing. I sorta did a glow around the tail flame but I think I mighta over done it. I could just not do a wing on that side, or I could try and orient the tail or wing differently. I dunno. Whatever you want. ^^
  12. Eeeeee!

    He looks brilliant! Thank you, PF~! :fishie:
  13. Nu problem ^^

    Arg, theys look cyoot in your signature. ^^
  14. *blink* too cute! I want one! But I don't have a ref for either two of my characters x.x I am going to go scan them now xD


    One of each pixel 'dragons for both?

    Whoot. It's ze Mage in all his blinded glory xD Look at his profile to get an idea of his colours.
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v297/Drakonia/mageguy.jpghttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v297/ ... ageguy.jpg</a>

    And... the over simple form of Mesaph xD Don't worry if you can't make them look exactly like her... Mage has a complicated design, Mesaph has a complicated body shape and size xD
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v297/Drakonia/scan0007.jpghttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v297/ ... an0007.jpg</a>

    If you have questions, just ask :3
  15. Mrg, so thats a total of four pixel pics, am I right?

    Ill have the little mini gummy 'dragons finished probably tonight or tomorow. And the dollies will have to be pending for a week or two, but I shall do them. ^^
  16. Yeah, lol xD Hope it's not too much for you O.o
  17. Not at all. Your two little minis are done. ^^ I gave Maseph a little dress because the minis looks sorta funny without clothes.
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