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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Morichai, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. This is the national OOC pillow fight championships!

    I'm your Host Morikinns! I'll be judging the most novel and original pillow fight moves, and each week a winner will get a mystery e-prize!

    I'll start us off!

    *grabs pillow*

    Pillow fight!

  2. *grabs his pillow that is shaped to look like a chibi doll of Moreh and flips over Dumu's head and whaps him in the back with it, yelping "THOSE SEA MONKIES HAVE MY WALLET!"
  3. The Pillow Cat Returns!
    *grabs a pillow and does some anime style infinite jump that should never be able to be done by human*
    CANNON BALL!!! *Attacks Mori while giggling madly*
  4. -hides under her pillow- I lie in wait for a possible victim. >:3
  5. ... Why my head? Why me Oo'? *Checks to see if he's tethered to Steph* >>

    *Double wields mighty anti-allergy king sized p'llows and goes helicoptah on yo a**es*
  6. Haha, so far Atti is on the winning streak!

    i can see a wee tail poking out from under it with red evil eyes glowing and everything :P

    C'mon peeps get the brains juice in overdrive!
  7. -takes pillow out from sheet and shoves Mori's head into pillowcase- SO THERE. Now you can't see! -repeatedly thwaps on the head with pillow-
  8. *tackles atti to save moreh and beats her with the moogle pillow* NO ATTACKIE MY MOREH!
  9. -hisses bitterly at Sinok and viper-like with pillow- Oh, I will touch your little Mori. She's not yours - she's for all to share. >:3
  10. *bes scared by the atti-snake and hides under dumu, whimpering* ahhhhhhh!
  11. *Builds a wall of pillows around Steph to protect her against Dan* Too touchy... Go be touchy with Jessi ;D And dude! Under me? O_O! *Spoon dances the pillow before thwapping the tip of Dan's nose*
  12. *Hits Attrius with pillow* hahaha *Get's whacked back*
  13. I'm i'll for a few days and chaos ensues...YAY!

    *looks at wall of pillows* tee hee, not wanting me touched eh Alex? >:3 wait i'm for all to share...i'm not that fat :( though i am scrumptious XD

    Am i like some kind of pillow magnet? ^-^ it must be my plushie-like charm!
    heheh anyhooo *smacks dumu on the back of the knees bringing down the wall of pillows* I should auction off myself on here or something *thinks of another site she once resided*

    Haha i'm stuck between Atti and Dumu now:p

    Viper like hissing or - spoon dancing nose tipping style @-@

    This round ends soon folks btw, so the prize will be uncovered soooooonnnnn! *echo*
  14. -Flies in on a magic carpet pillow-
    "Come, one and all, to the magic pillow shoppe! I shall be manning it on the side while defending trueth, justice, and the Americ-Whooof!(Hit by thrown pillow from other side of the Earth)
  15. *Tackles Xander* Gotcha! *smacks on head with giant pillow numerous times* Haha! *piles pillows on top of Xander and starts jumping up and down doing victory dance*
  16. *Lycan laughs at Xander.* Jynx got you good mate, *Lycan gets hit by a pillow and gets back up* Hey who threw that! *Lycan get hit from behind.* Ow... this is not cool mates...
  17. You're turn! *tackles Lycan with same giant pillow* this is fun *spins around in a circle laughing like a maniac before smacking Lycan with pillow* Mwuahahahahaha!
  18. *Lycan runs away and finds a pillow-gun.* Muwahaha! *He picks it up aims at Jynx and pulls the trigger. Nothing happens.* What? Why is nothing happening. *Looks at it and sees a label saying: Batteries and pillows sold separately!* What? Why would they have a pillow-gun here if you have to bring your own batteries and pillows! *Lycan runs away again.*
  19. *Chases Lycan* Yay, pillow-gun! *pulls batteries out of pocket and loads them into pillow-gun* Mwuahaha! Who doesn't carry batteries? *Aims at Lycan and pulls trigger so a stream of big fluffy pillows hits him in the back* Mine! *Tackles Lycan and smacks with big fluffy pillow*
  20. - makes a grab for the gun while bursting out of the no longer danced upon pillows-
    The day is mine!
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