Picture Thread: 2013 Edition

Thread in 'General Chat' started by shriker, Sep 18, 2013.

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  1. I just realized that I hadn't started the picture thread since the board upgrade... so, here we go!

    Show us all your pretty faces. Or your pets. Or what you're currently eating. :D

    Iversia as Ramona Flowers... dun dun dun.

  2. I'll bite!
    awkward smile and no make-up ftw!!!
  3. Well I guess I can add to this.

    I picked up a tube of moustache wax and tested it out like this. Didn't use enough but that will change.
  4. @SD - You have such a lovely hair colour!

    @Ryn - Ahhh, if I had a mustache I would wear it like that all the time, so cool!

    Finding a picture should be easy for me since there are over 1000 tagged on FB (embarrassed) but have this one from yesterday after I washed a bunch of dye out of my hair.

    View attachment 21
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  5. It is kind of a pain to do. It was the first time that I used moustache wax, I needed to use more then I did. So there will be pictures of me of me with a smoother moustache from this weekend.
  6. Lautir thanks ^^. can yah tell it's from a box? ;p love all your hair colors too!

    Rynchus awesome 'stash hehehe very villian-y
  7. Secret Destiny - Never would have even thought it! How about mine? Am I fooling anyone? ;D
  8. [​IMG]

    Oh... you know, just the broken and flooded bridge outside of my place. :x
  9. D: Is it still flooding out there Jods?


    I really dont have much of myself XD
    So yeah. I made that tshirt for Howloween 2013 - Nov 2nd - Alien Abduction - Home in 2011 and the second pic is me at Anime Evolution (Manning Vancoufur 2014 - Gateway to the Pacific - Vancouver Furry Convention 's table since i'm staff.) Wearing the Vice Chairman's suit head because why not? ITS SO BIG. i felt like a bobble head. I tried on his suit later on and with him being like 6 feet something and me like 5 feet it was HUGE and hilarious XD First time ever being in a full suit. 15 minutes and i was dieing of the heat!! XD

    Video of me in the suit being silly https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4862282/20130629_144922.mp4

    (@Jods: Curious, the images are allowed to be re-sized in the editor but they don't stay shrunk in the main post when you submit it? )
  10. I love my cats 397.jpg 561.jpg
  11. You should keep your hair that way. Its wicked!
  12. [​IMG]
    Derpy fox with his collar

    Airsofting in not so camoflaged camo. XD
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  13. @Marcopolo - Heh, I would love to keep my hair that way but the upkeep of that many colours gets pretty difficult! I've got a deep red colour going on right now in hopes of looking a little more professional at job interviews. And eeee, itty bitty fuzz buts :3

    @Fey - You sure that's just air soft, looks like blood on your pants to me! O_O
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  14. @Lautir That's mud. XD High clay soil mind but mud all the same. Sliding down steep banks was uncomfortably squishy. Need to work on my stealthy skills. XD
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  15. Agh! It really sucks we have to look professional and have jobs in the real world.
  16. It's why I haven't got rainbow coloured hair. XD Did have when I was working at a night club. :P Small of the back-length rainbow hair was something people seemed to admire. Or when it was just blond. :3
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