[PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

Thread in 'Help Desk' started by phylus, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    Those damn pigeons, they keep stealing shoes!
  2. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    Aw awesome pics :o

    I'd post some of me, but the drugs im on make me look like a balloon D: seriously, it's the drugs!

    Hehe i can finally say that >:3

    It's all legal kids, so stay in school!
  3. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)


    "It's all legal kids, so stay in school" Silly CatFace.
  4. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)


    I had to go to a special event thing for the radio station I work for. :3
  5. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    Eh, keeping this thread alive before 2009 ends.

    Here's one of me in a guitar store - I titled it "heaven". XD

  6. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)


    i ate all the cakes!

    lol, the meds im on make me look all bloated and shit, so this is me at my worst, i'm having a week off them for xmas, so i'll deflate around the face and such lol! just in time for xmas, tee hee heeeeeee~

    I really hate how they make my face look *stuffs pies in cheeks*

    a noooooom!
  7. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    temmy, i am jealous of your fur suit! a part of me likes furrydom c:

    jods, you and your friends are CUUUUTE.

    mori, you look LOVELY. (: i like your dress, it's definitely tres belle.

    i've got no photos to share, unfortunately. school's consumed me. hence me not being around at all for the past four months. but in January, i'll be back! hoorays1
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