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Thread in 'Help Desk' started by phylus, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    Might as well update myself here (will try to rp once more on friday)
    I still love eeyore. Hope you like these more recent pics.
  2. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    New pics from a tourney last weekend. I'm so PRO!



  3. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    Hey its me, I don't know if many of you remember who I am, well I am Brunken, been an on and off again type person...i know, over summer I will be on lots more...the whole not having a real job thing, I guess this is my way of re-introducing myself umm here are a few pics
    why is it pictures are only taken in places of drinking....
  4. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    Brunken!!!!!! Temyc needs his devs.
  5. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    This was two Saturdays ago, my cousin(s) and I manning the bar at my sis' after-wedding party!


    More to come when my internet feels like working X_x
  6. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    Looks like a fun time Cooldood :D I love that stone wall!


    A few weekends ago when I went camping for a night with some friends. I make funny faces a cameras - OM NOM NOM NOM!
  7. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    Thats part of the building at the pool - built, owned and run by a friend's family. They actually built the building by themselves :D Kasi and one of the other pool boys is in the background. Really nice place, if failbucket worked I'd upload some more :P

    Did you add in those bits of pink? xD
  8. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    lol @ pool boys, hehe.

    My camera has a 'Colour Accent' feature my friend was playing with so I guess it only picked up the pinkest of the pinks. It's probably my favorite feature on the camera!
  9. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    Woah, funky :D


    Twas at about 2 am at camp, I suddenly sat up straight in my sleeping bag and shone my torch straight upwards. One of the other dudes in the tent happened to be awake and got his camera out - luckily I woke up before he could take the pic :P


    Notice the sandal in the background. Thats mine =D
  10. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    Were you having a sandal kicking contest...? :p I love the in air action shot, it just looks like a bundle of fun!

    Speaking of bundles of fun, that's what climbing a mountain in Croatia also feels like!
  11. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    wow! that's so gorgeous Kylie! you went to Croatia? my sister wants to go there - her partner is Croatian, and obviously loves the country.
  12. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    Woah, awesome view! I've really gotta start travelling more :< that pic was taking in school btw (after I graduated though) - some friends wanted some help with the school magazine and we starting messing round with the camera :P
  13. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    After several years, you finally get to see me :P
    All of these are from the American Civil War tour I took this year as a class from EMU. (I got an A :))

    http://easternmichiganuniversity2009civ ... ly.com/884
    That is at a little place in fredricksburg, VA. I'm the one in the orange shirt (No, I don't know anything about fashion)

    http://easternmichiganuniversity2009civ ... ly.com/858
    Us at Petersburg, VA by the seacoast mortar "The Dictator". I'm in the red shirt.

    http://easternmichiganuniversity2009civ ... ly.com/841
    Petersburg again.

    http://easternmichiganuniversity2009civ ... ly.com/789
    At a rest stop in western VA. (I won 5 bucks off that machine)

    http://easternmichiganuniversity2009civ ... ly.com/804
    In the red shirt, again.
    This was at the Ipanema grill by Richmond, VA. IF YOU EVER GET THE CHANCE, GO HERE. The food was fantastic. They set it up so that all of the salads, vegetables, and other stuff is in a buffet. Then they come around with all of this meat on giant skewers
    http://easternmichiganuniversity2009civ ... ly.com/807
    and serve it. They have all of these different types of meat, chicken, beef sirloin, tenderloin, lamb, pork, etc.

    I loved the trip and learned... well, not that much since I already knew most of it, but it was fun to visit the places.

    Here are all of the photos of the trip if anyone is interested.

  14. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    I'm such a bad person. Promised pics of the DA bag still pending >.>
  15. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    I figured i'd post some pictures.

    Some might scare you. :P

    Ima furry. Mmhmmm. So i had a friend from my old hometowm that said he'd make me a fursuit head for temrin. Well, i'm not too satisfied with it. so, me being creative and crafty, im going to make my own.

    but here are some pictures from a one day convention near me called, Howloween.


    My Temrin Partial


    Me and my Roomie


    Yes master? LOL


    My outfit~ ^^


    Davecko in the hat, My roomie, and the two in the back is me, and my BF, Kaji~
  16. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    Your Temrin head looks really angry in the first picture xP I love your pants btw.

    And yes Cooldood, you are a terrible person, get on that!
  17. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    Hehehe. I see bras. =D Really neat partial suit though. I had ears once...

    Here's one of me and a few of my pals.


    Tina, Jodie, Roxy & Anna. Together we are team awesome. Or something like that. :duck:
  18. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    Lautir: Thanks Lautir. The pants were expensive. but SO WORTH IT.

    Shriker: Hehe, thanks. those pictures make it look good. The head is really skewed. like, the forhead faces one angle, and the side of the head looks like someone punched it in. While the snout is still right (though the sewing is so off that its crooked on the face. XD ) So imma re-do it myself. make myself my own head~
  19. Re: [PICTURE] thread 2009 (!)

    What? I thought I had copyrights to 'Team awesome' :O

    One of my friends has finally finished putting up trip pictures and this one is too hilarious/has me looking epic, to not post anywhere. See if you can find what is missing;
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