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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Morichai, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. <table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (phylus @ Sep 11 2008, 05:57 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'>wow!
    you're the second person i've ever met to do parkour!

    I do FR, too... some parkour, and some other things.
  2. Thanks, but I ain't posting. Besides, I haven't an updated photo.
  3. here, i'll make you a deal, DED...
    i have some pretty horrendous pictures of me on the internet (as facebook acclaims). you post an updated photo, and i'll do likewise. (:
  4. haha i have some bad ones of me with wax figures from Madame Tussaud's yesterday... i'll post those as well as homecoming pics!!!
  5. Leaf, that is a crazy idea. DEAL!!

    Here you go.

  6. aw Dannyboy
    you're a strapping young lad (;

    seriously, you're too hard on yourself.
  7. [​IMG]
    she told me she was gonna only take a picture of my FEET.

    this is fairly old, i.e. two years ago in first year... but it's a fab picture. the gorgeous girl on the left is my good friend, Carapace.

    DED, you are not ugly at all! don't you be worrying about things like that *pats hair*

    i don't have anynew photos to put up ^^, oh welllllll....
  9. [​IMG]

    homecoming, when i still had long hair :( i miss it
  10. You look lovely Star your hair has like perfect ringlets! And I wore very similar shoes to my grad dinner xD

    I realized that I only ever put pictures of me dressed up for the bar or some other occasion. So here's what I normally look like, lol.
    Suspenders are a normal part of my wardrobe :]

    I was playing model for my mom as she played with her new lens for her camera so we took over 60 pictures that day.
  11. <span style='color:purple'>Lol you look great. I pose a lot even if there is no camera. XD Nice glasses btw. ^^</span>
  12. Thanks, they're new and I loves them, but they were causing a glare in the pictures, so that's why they're on my head :p
  13. oh gorgeous! the blue in your shirt is like ZING.
    you should post more of the 60 c:
  14. i'm a fake ginger now. lol


    and round two

  15. ah! im soooo jealous of you both! such bootiful smiles Star, and both so damned hawt ;A;

    i want to look like youz all, instead of this lump :P
  16. O.o I have pictures of you to prove you're not a lump, want me to share? =D
  17. what picture.... O_o
  18. =) The one you took of when you were in front of the Rampant Lion flag. And the one taken of you when you were about to be eaten by a giant turtle biscuit n_n

    This is me at the halloween scenario game. KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTERSPACE. Only thing that could actually killl me was a head shot. >:)


    This is me playing a tournament.


    And this is us after winning second place in that tournament and the sportsman ship award! :D (im on far left)
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