physics is the force that drives reality

Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Xander, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. For a quick summery to readers who don't give a rats behind about detailed physics, skip to below the main paragraph for a summery.

    I recently read the article wikipedia article about the keyword "simultanius", it goes into a physics lesson that makes great sense when reading it but seems muddled and confused less then 5 seconds after you stop browsing the article. I just had a flash of what I call "metaphysics 101" where some random bit of information that seemed completely bat-s##t suddenly makes sense. The corrilation between these two is that the article made so much sense all the sudden that I actually felt knocked back as the situation playd out in my mind- only to receive a headache, an incomplete render of an intergalactic moment and the realization that we really don't give enough credit to programmers who make things that can rotate and zoom virtually on command.

    In short: I tried to vizualize two things happening at the exact same time at different points in the galaxy, and trying to make it so that you cuold accuratly measure them both happening at once. The my head exploded with fire and shrapnel and everything. really. it did.

  2. ~holds up a giant STOP sign~

    Well dude, there's your problem! Physics.

    Calculate with Mathematics. Good, clean numbers. ^^

    Then again, yeah, I can understand the whole 'xplody head thing. Ever try a three body physics problem?
  3. *head reforms again jjust to explode again*
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