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  1. Year:
    Mid Mia (Winter)
    Mid Mia 40, 81379

    AJITA --- Early this morning stomach churning screams were heard from the Grader’s private chambers on Ajita. Council Security and the Grader’s own personal guards rushed upon the scene. Upon forced entry they found not the Arch Magos and Magosai pair, but the solo form of the Arch Magos, Zamfir Grader. His head was cradled in his hands, muscles tense, and was in obvious pain as his cries reverberated throughout the chamber.

    His personal aide was immediately called to the scene but could not calm the Magos into a more rational mind-set. Koani Grader, the Magos and Magosai’s eldest daughter, arrived on the scene shortly after although no one had sent for her.

    “I know what happened,” Koani replied curtly when she was questioned about her sudden appearance. Not bothering to answer the barrage of questions that flowed after that remark, she waded through the growing crowd and settled down by her father’s side, trying her best to console him.

    After much coaxing, sedatives, and other medical measures, they were finally able to get Magos Zamfir to explain what had happened in his own words.

    Apparently while Arch Magosai Karryasa Grader was on location (what location Magos Zamfir was negligent to say), she fell victim to a strange and violent breed of magika. Something within her, or something by her reacted violently to it. As a result, a dark portal to The Nothing was opened. Two clawed arms reached out of the portal and put a stranglehold on the Magosai.

    At this point in time, the Magos had been alerted. His telepathic link with his life-mate having been so strong that he virtually was “there” when Karryasa was being hauled toward oblivion. Magos Zamfir tried to grab onto her mentally, but “It happened too quickly”. The end result was a “tearing”. Karryasa’s essence was torn in two and her physical self was devoured by The Nothing.

    Unable to comment any further, the Magos Zamfir was removed from the scene. He was moved to a small, private care facility and is being treated for trauma and several self-inflicted wounds. Koani stayed behind to tie up loose ends with the press. An emergency Council meeting has been called…

    (Continued on Page 2)
  2. Oh no. :P
  3. This sounds good... Muahaha...
  4. very intruiging

  5. Oooo Does that mean that her "spirit" is still alive? Will she have to hmmm acquire/possess another 'dragon's body? Interesting :)

    *awaits "page 2"*
  6. Does this mean we're actually going to find out who the other graders are that haven't been selected *hint hint* Man I'm annoying XD.
  7. OO! sounds fun!! ^^ *looks around for pg 2* hmm.. hope it comes soon ^^
  8. kykleth hs grown real strong if it can pull that stunt off... Who will be its next victim? Dun dun dun.

    Page 2...*starts searching the fourms for page 2*
  9. Oh, I sense possiblilites for usurpal. ^^
  10. Hmmm... Sounds like "The Lost" to me Chuya... I hope my idea doesn't get overused now...
  11. the "lost" might end up being the police if any of the factions try to take over.....

  12. I don't think I'm quite following you here. ^^; You mean characters from the Grader family other than Karryasa and Zamfir?

    Precaution, I don't really think that you're the creator of that idea. :] The idea of possession (demon/devil possession in particular) and spirits/ghosts roaming have been around for... well, a very, very, long time.

    Anywho, I'm not going to be giving out any plot leaks or hints here. :] There's still some more minor fine tuning to be done. Mwa.
  13. True True, It wasn't my idea. I dunno, maybe I thought I was special... :( Ah forget it...
  14. :blink: Riight.

    *waits for page 2*

    Brief thought. I wonder of Karryasa is going to actually posess someone if she can break free from "The Nothing". Ooo, I can taste a sweet and juicy thread already ;).
  15. lalala...PAGE 2!!! *searches under small pebbles*
  16. *chuckles* Precaution, don't feel bad. Trust me on this one, Jodie has had this plot line dreamt up for absolutely ages. There was no theivery involved. ^_~

    *bounces around* It's HAPPENING!! It's FINALLY HAPPENING!!! squeeeeee! *glompst3hJodie*

  17. How long has jodie been waiting to release this?
  18. Too long... *zips lips* ^_~
  19. *smacks self* I mean the concial (sp?) there are three open spots! Stupid me! I ment to put that...
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