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Thread in 'Expressions' started by Cawby, Jul 18, 2014.

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    So, if anyone in these parts frequents the artistic side of Tumblr, you've probably seem some sort of iteration of the palette challenges! Basically you pick a character, then RNG yourself a number between 1-100, then draw a piece limited to those colors. Sound neat?

    I'm going to start off with Dovki, and RNG gives me...52! A challenge, considering her usual palette, but that's the point of these c:

    PS... If you don't have art for an existing character, drop their name here. I'll RNG a palette and try to whip something up for you ;)
  2. Ooh! This looks like a fun challenge! I think I'd be terrified to get 65 or 71/57. So limiting!

    I'd totally throw a character at you but I've got arts of them all so far :p
  3. Oh damn! Yes i love these. Tried to do my own for a while but i wasn't getting any character suggestions so i left it be XD
    Definitely a fun exercise though!

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