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  1. Other than characters at Shadowlack, what original characters do you have? Do you have any original Harry Potter characters? Maybe a fursona? Feel free to share pictures of them if they exist. I want to see!
  2. Original characters?

    *Sadie grins widely*

    Well! Sadies are LARPers… here are three characters that I’ve portrayed in a local horror/fantasy LARP called Underworld Kalidor. They're in chronological order, and Briar, the last, is my current character. :)

    Ailsa MacRae, Kaelite Initiate of the White Orchid, Coerryn of Heathbrett, Deacon of the Sword in the Church of True Light, former Squire of the Order of the Golden Dawn and former Varangian Guard to his Duke and later Majesty Marston von Kirkenwald

    Ailsa was an einher, a race of barbarians strongly inspired by vikings and Scots. I went more for a Scottish look and feel for her character, and she wound up being a bit of a special snowflake. She grew up in a monastery, learning all about Kael, the god of Light and justice, and entered into an order dedicated to the eradication of the undead. In Estlemere, the duchy (and later kingdom) in which the game takes place, she was briefly derailed by love, after which she returned to faith with a vengeance, becoming a holy deacon in the local branch Church of Light, and Coerryn (Chosen of her god).

    She was a a black sheep among the einher, being quiet and religious, and at her heart she was a bit of a zealot for her order’s cause. She slew a popular dark elf in the town who had been afflicted with vampirism, gaining her a number of shady enemies. Her zealotry eventually led to her tricking a friend in the mage’s guild into sending members of her order through a portal to the south of the kingdom, to wreak havoc among the army of undead that the fledgling kingdom was controlling to bolster their numbers.

    Unfortunately, the necromancer controlling them saw Ailsa and Rowan leaving the site of the portal, and went through with the king to greet Ailsa’s ‘friends’. When a necromancer appeared at the center of their ranks, the knights of the White Orchid turned and cut the king and him down, shattering the gem of Malagant (the god of death and necromancy) that sat atop his staff. This gem was all that was holding the undead under control, and in addition its destruction caused all the undead stored within the gem to come into being within a hundred foot radius. This caused the near total destruction of her order, and the loss of a third of the kingdom as the undead ranks turned on the living members of the army, wiping them out and casting said third of the kingdom into darkness.

    Never lacking in bad luck, Ailsa was praying in the church when the king and necromancer resurrected in the resurrection circle behind her. She was stripped of her rights and titles, and cast into the Storm Guard, a fighting force of criminals and outcasts. Months later, she was struck down by the spirit of a confused Kaelite saint (an even longer story than this one!), and stabbed in the back by one of the factions that had been plotting her death.

    Kyleth Lura, last of the Jhen’Corvus

    Kyleth was an NPC that I played for our plot team one event, so I don’t know her nearly as well as I do my own characters. She was the last of the Jhen’Corvus (Raven) tribe of the Wild Elves of the Ebon Wood, her tribe largely wiped out in a battle with Saint Ghedron centuries ago. The remainder of her tribe died due to a sweeping plague called the Red Death, brought to the elves by a malicious human trader. She was incredibly old, having fought Ghedron all those years ago, and was something of a princess among her people. When she had people, I suppose. Kyleth was also an incredibly angry, racist wild elf who loved to hide in the dark woods and spring up to stab the crusaders who were encroaching on the Ebon Wood in an effort to establish a refugee town for Estlemere. In time long past, the island of Lowgarynn belonged to the elves, but the arrival of humans pushed them back further and further, until the Ebon Wood was their last home. She didn’t take kindly to the humans trying to take that as well. Sadly, her allies either fled or were killed, and she wound up escaping into the fae realm in defeat, to bide her time and raise a new army. Someday she’ll return to the Ebon Wood, and wreak terrible vengeance on the humans who stole her home and killed her people. Last of the Jhen’Corvus, First of the Jhen’Corvus. Mother of Ravens.

    I really look forward to the possibility of playing her again next summer.

    Briar Oakhorn

    Briar is a wood fae. That is to say, she is a creature of magic and the forests, a race which can live to impossible ages and is obsessed with finding the passionate things in life. She however, is hardly even a young woman at eighty-five years old. She spent much of her youth in the tiny town of Linden Dell in Noor Neld’Haran, an island nation off the western coast of Lowgarynn, many miles from Estlemere. At sixteen, she was apprenticed to the town brewmaster, Fergus. She worked for him until her eighty-first birthday, when her father’s legendary wanderlust took her. (Her father being a previous character of another player in the LARP, legendary for his wanderlust and… charming nature. Briar’s mother used to tell her that she was likely related to half the wood fae in all the world, and she was probably right.)

    She kissed her mother on the cheek and left Linden Dell, hoping to find her father, who she had never met. She followed rumours from various rangers of the Grey Watch that she stumbled across, an organization formed by her father fifty or so years before her birth. Each had the same to say… that Hircine was taken by a great wanderlust, and was headed “that way.” Eventually, when she met a ranger near the Avorbrande river, just south of the southernmost border of Estlemere, “That way” became “Towards Farraglynn, last I’d heard.”

    Fighting through, and mostly sneaking by, the undead ravaging the southern third of the kingdom, Briar eventually made her way to Farraglynn. She learned that her father had died two years earlier, killed by a Flyndish war party while on guard late one night. She heard stories of his heroism, and how his spirit had returned to the land of the living one last time to bring to life the dead of the Estlemerian army in their final battle against the Flynd, a brutal race of dog-like humanoids.

    Glad to hear of her father’s heroic deeds, but saddened that she never managed to meet him, Briar debated leaving Farraglynn for a time. But she found friends and love, a half-brother, who she never knew, that happened to find his way to Farraglynn a couple of months later, and a purpose in the Grey Watch, which she hopes to join, to someday be a Jedi… I mean a ranger, as her father was before her.

    And now the crusade of Estlemere has turned their sights on New Lynford, the little refugee village that they cut into the edge of the Ebon Wood. Briar can’t just sit by… maybe she can broker a peace between the wild elves and the humans? Or at least prevent as much bloodshed as she can, while enjoying the company of friends and lovers, and good drink.

    Besides… there isn’t anywhere else to go, since the foolish nobles released the sleeping grey dragon Ilyxtriak, who was put to sleep centuries ago by a joint effort between the gods of Light and Dark, or so they say. They thought the dragon would take care of another problem that was plaguing Estlemere, the Vlotkin, a race of shadow beings. They placed a protective ward around the country, to keep the dragon and the Vlotkin out, with the hope that when they lower the ward, everything will be taken care of, or they’ll have a way to put the dragon back to sleep. Or something. Really, who understands why nobles do what they do? They’re all crazy anyway.
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  3. @Sadie I'm proud to say that I did your hair in those last two photos. I should just drop everything and become a hair stylist. *nail buffs*
  4. And the tattoos in the second! Though they weren't looking so hot by the time that picture was taken. Let it be known that alcohol based makeup, while brilliant for stage and screen, just doesn't hold up to a weekend of running through the woods dressed in deerskin and elf ears. :D
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  5. I have FAR too many characters, oh god. XD I guess the easiest one for me to talk about would be a D&D character I've been playing on-and-off since February, Jakob "Yak" Jaerbroll. Be warned... I've got a lot to say about him.

    For context, the campaign he's in draws inspiration from Norse mythology, as well as other things our DM likes (like Lord of the Rings and Earthsea). Yak was made to fill a hole in the roster; at the time there wasn't anyone who was mainly wisdom- or intelligence-based, nor was there anyone who specialised in AOE attacks or debuffing. Yak does have a bit of what I call First Character Syndrome, build-wise, but he still wound up pretty decent.

    When I first made him, the concept for the character was a relatively simple one: a wizard who uses divine magic, a descendant and former pupil of Loki, a former "vigilante investigator" (to this day no-one still knows exactly what the hell that means) with many old enemies, a protective big brother, and a potential villain fighting to stay a good guy. Also, a goofball who could be serious when need be (I have a thing for making sure all my characters work in both silly and serious situations). All that sounds like a lot, yeah? Well guess what - it was only the starting point.

    Months later he mutated into something terrifyingly complex. His backstory became more complex; he developed a personal philosophy similar to anarchism with the endgoal of removing authority and "imposed law" altogether; his personality morphed into a far more zealous and openly emotional one... oh, and he became gay and developed an attraction to one of his party members. (That last one resulted in a surprising number of retcons in the campaign... like two NPCs becoming another gay couple.)

    And just think, there's more changes ahead of him: Ragnarok seems to be on the horizon, and Loki is destined to turn against the gods then... meaning that Yak may have to choose sides - something that would hurt him deeply no matter what he chose. Then there's the forces of Chaos, an unexpected third party that seems to be after Yggdrasil and is intent on consuming the land - it already doomed the homeworld of another party member (basically a highly magically-advanced version of Egypt). And then there are those who use magic for their own nefarious purposes, who seem to be working with Chaos... not to mention some of Yak's old enemies rearing their ugly heads once more.

    But it's not all bad - after all, he does have a love interest. And Yak might just need him to keep himself sane... provided they can get along for more than five minutes.

    (There are images; I just put them into links because they're large! Also, what that last image doesn't quite convey is that Yak is huge; his love interest there? 6 feet tall.)
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  6. I have some OC's outside of my RaL made characters, though my fursona is one i created here and i wouldn't have it any other way. :3 Hard not to stick with things i made during my active RaL days. I had the creativity for characters back then. XD Now i seem to be dried up when it comes to making a history and personality to anything i draw up. *eep*


    My 'Sona: Temrin Sanjem (Shadowlack/RaL Profile) http://shadowlack.com/characters/temrin.23/
    All her currently written bio is there though in serious need of an update! *Refs speak a thousand words*


    I also have a male version of Temrin (Tamrin lol) who is not present on RaL.
    Recent Tamrin Pic - New haircut lolI don't think i have a picture of old version of Tamrin that isn't WAY mature. xD But he had long hair in the front, short in the back and was super femmy.


    Other then RaL character, i have a few "adoptables" (So i guess not really my OC's because i didnt make them but now are my adopted characters. XD ) i got off people and some created creatures (Like the Feaulie that I still need to finish to submit here. T_T ) My adoptable are collecting dust though. i have some begginings of what I'm hoping for them BUT i haven't been able to finalize things with them yet.

    Unnamed Lapine: I thought that she really reminded me of Bunnymund from "Rise of the Guardians" so i thought to have her something of a "spirit" or something. A caretaker of something. I just haven't pinpointed what i really want to do with her in that aspect. (Though with halloween about I've been thinking about her a lot. it actually gives me a good time to work on her for some elaborate personal projects once i pinpoint the details.) *love love love daggerleonelli's work*


    Unnamed Dragon: I also have this white and gold dragon character i won from Orange04 a loooong time ago. I had ideas for him but it took a year to get the art after i won so i forgot what it was. Now, I'm thinking possibly Egyptian royalty because his scales really make him seem pretty regal in my opinion. Was pondering things about him today funny enough. Trying to get some things written down about him.


    Some of my ACTUAL OCs
    Unnamed bat: I created her for a contest but i really loved her design and so i'm totally going to be drawing her again. I LOVE bats. :3 *all to poofs*! She's probably going to remain and stereotypical "halloween" and "dark" character just for the sake of doing dark magic arts and possibly voodoo type stuff. Which is something i havent ventured into before. **IF YOU WANT ME TO REMOVE THE PIC EVEN WITH HER CENSORED LET ME KNOW!**


    One of my earlier Feaulie is actually a mascot for a local event called Howloween (still experiencing some horrible downtime from the servers so the site MAY not show up completely and i appologize T_T I did the web design though which i'm like yay!)
    Shes another halloween themed gal and i really love doing images with her. She's a conjurer of spirits. Still no name for her though. :/


    I also have a cute lesbian couple~ An albino weasel name Karen (Kai) and a jackelope named Clover.
    I have a bit of their personalities and history worked out. I have a friend of mine helping me with them and we are going to make some comics about them. I really love drawing them and i have so many doodles of them. *lurbs them so much!*
    (Lol its not REALLY NSFW. Its mostly just a huge tease. Nothing ever shows XD I just know some people will be like ERMAGERD ITS TOO SEXY TO NOT BE NSFW online so. hay. covering mah butt.)


    I have a few really old characters i cannot find. One was a Red Panda/Serval mix named Tayber.
    I also have an armadillo character as well though i cant seem to find any pics of her.
    I'm sure i have more i've created. Most of them i auction off since i dont want them to go to waste D:

    I dont really have many characters that aren't anthro. I have recently started drawing humans but i havent created any characters yet. Mostly fanart of Danny Phantom because i'm a huuuuuge nerd for cartoons. :3
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  7. Oh OCs. I guess I’ve had a lot by this point, but very few who stick around for more than a novel. But I do have one pair who I’ve been writing about for almost 7 years now. Sadly, no recent enough pictures that I’d choose to share!

    Fin, full name: Francis Rain, real legal full name Francis Isabelle Naught (records show presumed dead): Young criminal mastermind, bit of an antihero, kind of full of herself. She comes from rather clichéd beginnings, her parents were killed after uncovering a deeply rooted political scandal, (in a car crash that was meant to kill her as well) she then moved around the foster system for a while before being taken in by one of the crime bosses as a protégé after recognizing her talents for breaking and entering. And because they wanted to look after lose ends.

    She worked her way up in the ranks before she was given her own squadron to lead. The crime circle she worked for touted themselves as being there to clean up the government, stop police corruption and make sure that their country wasn’t on the verge of self-destruction. However, after a while it was discovered that her main boss was just as corrupted as the criminals she thought she was stopping, so she took her team, went rogue and did her best to destroy the criminal substructure in the city.

    She disbanded her own team after that, had surgery to remove a brain tumor, laid low for a few years, then got back into “good-guy” crime out of boredom. However she has terribly grey morals that result in her running a drug business and arms dealing just to make money while trying to re-establish her old position of criminal power. But not alone.

    Kestrel, real name: Katia Torres: 10 years Fin’s senior, she’s an ex-cop who fell in love with Fin’s boss when she was younger. Left the force for multiple reasons and came on as an enforcer to the crime syndicate. She got pregnant and didn’t know how to deal with it so the kid grew up in a rather similar fashion to Fin, except she never knew who her parents were. The love affair only lasted a few years but she stayed on the side of crime as she felt like she had gone to far to return to the side of the straight and narrow.

    When Fin got her own squadron she requested Kestrel as her number 2 as they had experience working together before. When Kestrel’s daughter got older she spent lots of time tailing Fin convinced that she was her mother. Kestrel doesn’t reveal her motherhood until the girl is in her late teens and working as a “secretary” for Fin. Outraged by Kestrel's secret and the discovery of who her father is she disappears, leaving Kestrel to regret ever telling her she was her mother.

    These 2 became my response to all the buddy-cop shows I watched when I was younger. Fin definitely took influence from the Artemis Fowl books, but she isn't really a child prodigy in any way. She just grew up in it, learns quickly, and is very good at keeping herself emotionally detached. Kestrel was there to be her anchor and body guard as she has a tendency into getting herself shot for talking too much.

    Their first story together was one of the first novel length things I ever worked on, the pieces are scattered through multiple note books and computers now, so much so it hardly makes sense. But, since I love them so much I brought them back for a 6 episode TV series (aka my Script Frenzy project) which takes place 10 years or so after Fin's surgery and they get mixed up with the new crime organizations trying to run their city.

    Yikes, did not mean to write this much x_x I've never really tried to summarize them before so this probably reads really awkwardly. But there you have it. These two are pretty much why I like writing about morally grey characters and criminals so much.
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  8. Oh my gosh, I love looking at and learning about people's original characters. It's so cool to see what people come up with!
    As for me, I have one that I've had for what feels like FOREVER.
    (Art by another mun from Tumblr, black-sage-blues.)
    Her name is Raleign Rinker and she's basically my baby. She spawns from the Fallout fandom, namely Fallout: New Vegas. I've had her for around 17-ish months (plus some, but basically since I've started roleplaying with her) and in that time, she's grown so much!
    In short, Raleign was born in southern California into a pretty happy family. Her parents were killed when she was seven by raiders who blew through, looking for some caps (money). Raleign and her younger sister, Amelia, headed out and kind of jumped around from house to house but they never had a permanent home due to Raleign's misbehavior. Around the time Raleign was thirteen, they headed to the New Vegas area because they heard of how glamorous New Vegas was. As it turned out, Vegas was pricey to enter so the two tried to gather caps together to get in.
    Well, her sister got murdered by another gang of raiders known as the Jackal Gangers. Raleign got sucked into drugs and prostitution for a few years before she managed to break free of the prostitution ring. She moved permanently into a settlement and quickly got back into drugs. She's pretty badly off and a junkie alcoholic chain-smoker. (A sarcastic one, at that.)
    I have a few others that I haven't had for nearly as long. They include Jeanie May, also a Fallout OC, who came out of Vault 101 after the Lone Wanderer left. She hasn't gotten nearly enough threads because I haven't found anyone to RP with her yet. My last Fallout OC (okay not LAST, but that have manifested in me playing them), is Crows. They're a non-binary character who is feminine in appearance. They suffered abuse for eighteen-twenty years from their mother, who had trained Crows to be a fighting, killing machine in hopes that she could get Crows to protect her in her older age and also sell Crows off as a mercenary. Their mother ended up severely beating Crows after they defied her. This ended in amnesia, in which Crows couldn't remember their name or their old life. They also are, well, a serial killer.
    I have some Harvest Moon OCs, too. Imogen Quinn Bronte, who is, for lack of a better word, a gypsy (not Romani). She's very fun and quirky and I've actually got a few threads with her. Arden Rose is another; she's very cold and distant because her mother died when she was young and her coping skills were terrible. I have some others, but this is getting long-winded. xD
    Anyway, I loved reading about everyone else's characters. I hope you enjoyed mine. x)
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