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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Fey, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. Well for me I have no real idea how. Other than I was playing Elder scrolls 3 Morrowind, and i needed a char name for a samurai and then sudden thought of um Eeyore appeared in my head. So anyway thats how that name came into being.

    What about you guys?
  2. Back in around 6th grade maybe… I started writing and I was always looking for interesting names for characters and places. So every now and then I’d jot down a few random words and save they for later use. ‘lautir’ was one of those words, which I got from reversing ‘ritual’. Since ‘au’ and ‘ir’ are French-ish in my mind I was a little attached to it. So on joining RaL I went through my list of random words and that was the one I chose.

    Now a days there is a dark rock metal band out their using the name ‘lautir’ >_>

    I have however gotten comfortable with people just calling me Kylie, I almost prefer it on some levels.
  3. Lol. For me i was tryingt oc ome up with something basically. I wanted somethignt o di with like the canine species. Then i thought of a fox. Vixen. But i didnt want it to be just that, so i wracked my brain until i remembered in a story i've read there was a pendant that the main char gave to the other main char. It was a little jewel fox. So thought of Crystal. It fit. Therefor - I am Crystal Vixen
  4. Lul. I was really obsessed with dragons when I joined RaL. I was thinking of a dragon based name and poof, Draconan.
  5. I have no idea why I didn't rejoin as "Silith," as that's what I was last time I was here, but that Reverse is just a name of a character of mine, as is Silith. D: Silith has been my SN for years in like... everywhere.
  6. I took my username from that of my first character. n_n I forget exactly where "Attrius" came from - I think I made it up - but "Infernus" comes from the Latin word "inferni", which means infernal.
  7. Mine? I needed a mysterious name for my website, so now I'm EuphoricDreamer xD
  8. Precaution, Ha ha, the final installment of my ever changing alter ego~

    I read it off a cardboard box while playing Phantasy Star Online for the gamecube. And then right after it popped up in the game, telling me that neccessary precautions have been taken, And THEN I got owned by a Gillchic. Man I miss that game sometimes. I know how to dupe items, which is ACE.

    Pre comes from people being too lazy to type the full thing, and you can improv Pre for so many things, and trust me, it has been.


    "Precum..." >.>
  9. If anything my name first started as a runescape character name. After I got bored of it I started using it on ral once I found this site. Now I use it as a username in about 95% of the online games I play.
  10. I had a dog named Jynx, but she died. I stole her name since I didn't want to forget her.
  11. When I was little, I wanted to be a pirate when I grew up. And ferrets are godly. And I needed another neopets username to add to my plethora of accounts. And then I started using it for everything else. I cant imagine myself with any other screenname.
  12. Um... a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shrikeshrike</a> is a type of bird. They're mostly known for impaling their prey on thorns.

    Shriker is just a variant of that... and it eventually became synonymous with my character Kakosenas since she's pretty bird-like in some respects. It's not really her last name. :x
  13. one time when rping somewhere i just typed a bunch of random letters into a name, which became Sinok.
  14. I put words together... and Skylink was born.
  15. Verlorte is the past tense, first-person word for 'lost' in german... I was trying to think of a cool sounding german word one day and then I was thinking, hmm, how would you conjugate verloren (to lose)... or whatever the infinitive was (I forget) in to past tense first person? But I'm not smart enough to know that so I looked it up. Thus, Verlorte.
  16. I got the name Anterro off a musician I admire, although I probably would select a different username if I could. In a feat of...well I have no idea exactly what, I entered the name of my character in the username box when I registered. Then it was too late, and I'm like -- oh crap. Originally, it was just going to be the name of a male character...but that character turned female, so. Yeah. D:

    But it's all cool now. :D
  17. i watched a film and got the named kitten in it mixed up with a cereal...somehow...i was hyped and Morichai was born :P

  18. Hmm... has anyone heard of the Elric saga? By Michael Moorcock? You can guess the rest ;P Bonus points if you can give me details on the character without checking Wikipedia =P
  19. Yossarian is the main character of my favorite boook, Catch-22.

    He was also the character I related most to and sympathized the most with. Plus, it's just a cool-sounding name.
  20. Don't know much about the series you're referring too, but Arioch is Hebrew for "Fierce Lion" and my cousin's Hebrew name ^^

    Siaka came from when I was busy learning Japanese and thought that the kana Asahi, Kawase and Shimbun were really cool looking, and i fooled around with them for a while until I came up with 'Shiaka' but I didn't like how it sounded so I dropped the 'H' and now I"m Siaka =D
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