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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Pendzez Zazkex, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. Ok, the Olsenu needs some crew members.

    It needs a:

    Chief Engineer (Koda Freya - M)
    Head Chef (Kathrine Grand - F)
    Shop Keeper (Conna - M)
    Equipment and Weaponry Manager (Hu'lakte Vyure - M)
    Simulation Manager (Vendette Galtex - F)
    Head Roomkeeper (Rob Genrix - M)
    2nd Vice Captain (Cameron Jitraw - F)
    Head Pilot (Ishkawa - M)
    Air-Craft Defence Chief (Hyiom Dawn - M)

    Now, apart from the Shop Keeper and 2nd Vice Captain, the positions are head of that part of the Olsenu. There will be other members that these positions will have authority over, t's just that they'll be NPCs. For Example, the Chief Engineer will be in charge over other engineers. The member that has the Chief Engineer will have to play the NPC engineers. Got the idea?
  2. Heya! I'd be happy to take Ishkawa the pilot if that's ok?
  3. sorry for taking so long. That be be cool mate.
    Now, I don't have any good description of the characters, so you can make up the profile. They can have any personality you like, just as long you have the info of their job in the profile.
  4. The only problem is that I can't seem to figure out how to create a new character on the new site layout. =(
  5. That would be because it is not possible at the moment ;)

    So you'll have to wait a bit before submitting any new characters. Feel free to start writing about them in some sort of text document though, then when they do open up again you can just copy paste everything you've been working on.
  6. this will be my final post for about a month.

    im just wondering if you need a cook if so i will take that position even though its not on the list. (bugger why does it have to be only a female...thats kinda mean you know. it could be M/F...its just a sugestion)

    end post.
  7. Need a shuttle pilot or small-craft mechanic?
    Phoenix might be good for it...
  8. The chief engineer has that covered. Sorry.
  9. they cover both? darn...
  10. I have a good Chief Engineer type.....
    check out Cathera Randinboor on my profile and tell me if you want him.
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