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  1. I'm partial to most strategy stuff from the old days, Starcraft, the Mech Commander series, dungeon keeper, the Homeworld series, Warcraft 2(later 3), and I think that's about it.

    I choose Starcraft for my fav game of the list because I'm not doggedly keeping up with every single update for sequals on the others.

    I like starcraft because It was well balanced, had a campaign that slowly progressed so that you actually became a better player by the end and didn't just know a few tricks to beat A.I.'s. Besides that it had a very full story that allowed for some really cool character development, you actually cared about the people you sent into combat(usually!). Plus, it was the first game to incorperate three completely different races instead of carbon copies with different coloer schemes.

    i remember playing star craft I never passed the first mission of those cystal guys (unluckily) and i loved the human missions! (i think thw game i'm talking about is star craft)

    My favourite old game would be something to do with robots, i think it was called Annihilator, but these robots can just build things first as a green looking frame and continued to build till it became something solid. I loved that game when i was younger.
  3. I think the crystal guys you're refering to are the protoss, and they had some preatty hard missions. The first time around I tried to play the game I skipped ahead and died horribly repeatedly. You really have to progress with the story or you're screwd in that game.
    Oh, did I mention you can post repeatedly in this? you just have to be specific on one old game per post. I've got nothing else right now, but yeah.
  4. I always loved Lemmings :heart: It was cool because it required a lot of strategy... trying to keep all of those little green haired guys from running off cliffs etc. and falling to their doom was surprisingly tough.

    I don't remember most of the other games I played when I was a kid... oh, command and conquer was really sweet (on the computer at least, i think it came out on nintendo 64 too or something), I think I had the first one and then the version where you played the bad guys who were... red? I don't remember really.
  5. Ah, the original command and conquer games. I remember those, you had to fight off the Soveit union or be the soveit union, it all depended on you.

    Personally for stuff around that age I'd play a good round of tempest or sumsuch. Tempest was a geometric game where you were a little shape that blew up other shapes to preserve yourself on changing geometric feilds. You could use bombs, and any furthur description without visual aid would be pointless, but know that it was a cool game because it was F***ING ADDICTIVE. You could blow an afternoon on one level if you were stuck and you would conside it time well spent after all was said and done.
  6. Did anyone ever play Armor Command? I had it for Win95, but I'd be strapped if I could find it again :D

    Homeworld 2 is a great game. I still love it and play it from time to time.

    The original Ninja Gaiden and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle games (for the old.. what was it.. Commodore?) were great. I never could finish Ninja Gaiden, and TMNT had me stumped in the water place after the Technodrome.

    Pit Stop 2 was the first racing game I ever played XD I struggled to operate the pit crew and ended up destroying my car most of the time, but it was still fun!!

    Lotus - another really old one but for Win95. Again I couldn't get far, but it was still exhilarating.

    Ummm... Paperboy and The Ghost Busters were fantastic old games that were too challenging from the start XD

    I think out of all of them, TMNT has to be my favourite, because I'll never forget the epic battle between the player and the Technodrome! Such a cool name too.
  7. Dear god, I recognize most of the things you just talked about *checks various ID's on person to double check age*
    Okay, I'm only as old as I think I am....

    Anyawy, for an incredible tangent to most other games I liked the old dungeon keeper games. You had to create a base that was self sustaining, kept your people happy, and was rockin enough to beat a level without four hours of expansion and preperation. If you couldn't make the cut in under two hours you were garunteed to fail 9 times out of 10. It was also excessivly creative in it's challenges and always gave you JUST enough to succeed. I loved it untill it crashed my windows XP equiped comp. Twice. IN THE SAME HOUR. But no really, it was preaty cool.
  8. Uhm... ~looks over at his copy of Final Fantasy for the NES~ Hn... Nah, too obvious.

    First off, self-destruct all the lemmings. "OH NO! *pop*"

    Alright, my game of choice for old school PC is totally gonna be Shadow Warrior by 3D Realms (rest in peace, DNF ;_; ). Seriously, it had wicked crazy weapons, dirty language, wicked quotes, and hilarious fortune cookies.

    And a giant Sumo Wrestler. ^^
  9. Croc and Croc 2 :P Or was it just me? ;)
  10. Road Rage was most definitely my favorite. Didn't require a lot of thought...but it was fun to hit people with the iron pole. Or the cattle prod. That one was always my favorite. And you could knock people off their motorcylces and run over them...

    ...I just realized where I got my violent tendencies from.
  11. I would have to say Final Fantasy VII on PSone. I kept asking my brother if I could borrow it every now and then, but that was when I was young and mum and dad didn't want me playing, much. Eventually, I got my own copy, along with VIII. Now, I nearly have every single Final Fantasy games ever made, expect IX, XI and XIII because IX is hard to get now, XI is an Online Game and XIII is on PS3 and the NDS remakes of III and IV. Most of the them, I II III IV V VI. I downloaded for the emulators that you can get for the computer. I think I might Download Final Fantasy IX and just play it on my emulators and burn them onto disk and keep them as back ups. I'll have to wait until the internet speeds back up on my Dad's Computer and download them from there because with mine, I have to be careful on how I use it. I also have the GBA remake of Final Fantasy IV and VI for my emulators.
  12. i loved final fantasy eight (i think that was)I only have the first 3 disks out of the four (unluckily) and i loved replaying the game and trying to find new guardian force summons. *drolls*
  13. I don't play the FF series, it had to much puzzle solving and not enough action. Plus I was like, six when I first heard of the series and by then it was several games in. Recently I don't play because I apparently don't have the budget to be an avid gamer, did anyone else know that keeping a basic gaming computer up to date is impossible? By the time you have left the store with all of the newest stuff, there is already a new piece of hardware to get to keep up with the technology curve. In order to keep up with updates of games I already OWN I have to upgrade on a regular basis, this destroys my game budget and I am relegated to being a second class gamer forever. Or until teleportation allows for instantaneous upgrades on my rig with no money needed.
  14. i'm more like the 7th hand gamer; i just use what i got without killing it.

    the easiest way to get upgrades and not get to the store would to be super charge the parts you already got.
  15. I'll go get a taser....
    OH wait, you meant like getting really powerful updates, he he he, um..... oops.
  16. nar not like that, like adding stuff to it; i remember watching an episode of 'Good Game' that showed people super charging parts.

    Anyway i figured out the name of the game i was talking about, it was Total Annihilation (link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Total_Annihilation )
  17. Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo (came out the year after I was born), hands down. I remember watching my parents try to play it before I was old enough to play, they could never get past the first boss xD That game got me started in video games, and now that it's downloaded on my Wii and it feels very full circle!
  18. Mario: A tale of deceit, danger, and plumbing.
  19. i have 3 games that i still play even today and they are DOOM 2,UFO: aftershock and SHOGO....doom 2 for its fast paced shooting, ufo: aftershock for its stratigic thinking and shogo for its mecha's
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