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  1. You know, I think Ramth is losing interest to me. I mainly been going on Bleeding-Souls('Souls). Whats wrong with it? It was cool and awesome when I joined til now.
  2. was it me
    was it me
    was it me
    was it me
    was it me
    was it me

    but no seriously, that came off as kinda rude. Maybe you just lost yer interest in the site, you can't blame that on us or anything that could've happened here. ):
  3. boy this is serious... let me think.....

    :menorah: (<--closest thing to a light bulb) to spice up your interest i think we need a major RP event.
  4. Some time ago we had all kinds of things going on. In 2004/2005 we had Pro and Anti Grader movements as a big thing, which spurred a lot of people on to make great threads, and create gangs like the Red Feather Gang. It was all very film-like.

    Personally, I have no problem if you feel you've lost interest in Ramath-lehi; it's not for everyone, and that's fine. It's not because I don't care, it's just that I understand the feeling of losing interest.

    The thing about Ramath-lehi is that it has such diverse content that coming up with an idea and playing it isn't beyond one's grasp. Coupled with the flexibility, you can do a lot more than immediately meets the eye (something I'm milking behind the scenes - off Ral).

    It would be a shame to lose you, have no doubt about that.
  5. I knew we shouldn't be linking to other sites >_>

    Haha, I kid. Interests come and go, and if 'Souls is where it's at for you right now then that's how the cookie crumbles.

    I had planned to be much more active here over the holidays but things happened and time was lost. Now I can't believe school is so close to being back D:

    And Ral is still cool and awesome, this is a proven constant, like Pi :talk2handemoticon:
  6. haha. Lau.

    DED, that's pretty bummer you've lost interest but it happens, it's just a fact of life. i find some roleplay sites are designed for different age groups and interest groups -- it just depends which way one you fall in. c:
  7. Enalska I'm not blaming the site for the problem.

    Ang can you think of one?

    Dumu either of ya will lose. If you did, Jynx would wonder why Pendzez hasn't been contacting her, Requiem would have no drummer, or wouldn't do a duo with Sarah, not to mention her band would have to disband, and Vythe wouldn't have Abigail to talk to. They are some reasons.

    Lautir I suppose you are right.

    Phylus I suppose you are right too.
  8. That's cool. It's not like we'll think of you as a traitor or anything. Humans are creatures with changing interests. Who knows, you may or may not come back. Do what you want. No one should have to stop you. We'll notice that you're gone though. People always realize it when a detail of something is missing, no matter how small it is.
  9. Ang, I suppose you are right, but when it gets to the fighting the enemy part at the endish, staff would say that it's a bit out of whack because the plot is that when Pendzez's twelfth ancestor fought the enemy, the enemy raised a huge army of daemons. When he awakes, he would do the same thing. Would you think that the staff, even if I pointed that out to them, would allow it? Also, I still thinking of where to have it.

    Anyways, I put the thread together as a group activity. Anyone could join, well, there are a few people that might work in a few chapters.

    Note to readers: Be prepared for a PM from me regarding my story. One of your characters would be good in a few chapters, or the whole story.
  10. --------------------edit---------------------
    :P ok then i beleve i got a little excited when you asked that question DED *sigh*
    real answer would be highly unlikely unless you find a way to get around the problem of a huge army

    ----------------- original text------------------
    usally when it comes to that (large army VS. 7 people or something) i'll just come up with some very smart/funny tactic to kill em all in one go. but then in ramath-lehi location would be needed to make sure the story line doesn't affect the ramath-lehi world that much. (an earthquake is the minium)

    so i beleive if you make sure the story line isn't seriously major (so major it can change the world) it'll incease your chances of making that thread.

    thats just my summery i have loads of other ideas that'll let you play this story line.

    one: location could be a massive under ground area; of coarse big enof to fit that army of that EBIL guy.

    *dreams of the possibilitys* *drolls* C4 + cave = SQUISH! :3
  11. Well - in regards to the plot - I'm not entirely sure what you mean. The idea of an ancestor being raised and raising an army with them is.. plausible. But there are implications.

    I harp on about this: it's got to be realistic (and believable). I'm fine with the idea if it's got a good enough reason to happen. Like when making a character, you can have a very tough character, but they should balance up in some way and it should be fair to play with/against that character. Same with events. If your character had chronokinesis, froze and reversed time every time they were about to get hurt and slit the throat of their enemy - no questions asked - I would warn that player for Power Playing/God Moding.

    In this case, I'm hesitant to say I'd be "OK" with it, but I would ask far fewer questions if the horde was in itself realistically easily overcome, but still posed a believable challenge and mortal threat. Like with anybody, if you're surrounded by an enemy, they still have a weakness.

    A more extreme example which is still realistic is special/black ops, in which small groups of soldiers infiltrate large compounds. They are easily outnumbered nth:5. But skill, training, cunning, tactics and instincts gets them through - mostly.

    So whatever you do, A) make sure that you aren't be unfair, B) make it believable, C) allow your characters to be harmed if necessary or have a darn good reason why they could escape, D) be creative about where it takes place, remembering that Ral is ever-expanding. Bear in mind the infrastructure of Ral, and that it's a little unlikely that an event could occur without a bystander hearing, especially if an army of some kind is raised. That may be worth considering. Also remember the strength of your characters in relation to their trade levels. A summoning will last for a very short time if one isn't a Master - and a good one - I would suggest. A Journeyman would have success, but in all couldn't keep an army raised for ages.

    Like I said I'm not entirely sure what your plot is, but I'll be checking up on the thread just to make sure everything's okay.

    I'm open minded about ideas, plots, locations and additions - we all are for that matter. Naturally we'll approach ideas with a bit of scepticism but that's part of the process.

    Perhaps an idea you should consider: particles dissipate from the source. This would be true for fronima as well. Fronima is a form of energy, and so obeys similar laws. What this means is that if an army were to stray too far from the centre of the summoning/summoner, then it should be expected that the army - collectively - gets weaker and eventually dies again, or becomes inert. That could make for a balance in the plot. As I don't know what you've been talking about off Ral, it's tricky to say that your plot is unbalanced or whatever.

    I think I've said enough =) any queries, feel free to prod at me.
  12. Alex, the whole plot is that Pendzez finds the soul orbs of his ancestors for his Sol Crest. When he gets the twelfth, the enemy awakes, regains energy, then reraises the army of Daemons he raised long ago. The twelfth ancestor and the enemy were fightling each other then, so they'll do it now. Besides, the enemy is a freak in some ways. He could the army eternal, though that is hard to believe, but the army will die if he dies. Impossibla, I know, but I thought of it. Don't ask me to change.

    It won't be powerplaying or god mode in anyway. The characters will be harmed in some ways. However, The fight with the army isn't going to be done with tactics or training. It would be an all out assault.

    When the enemy and the army rises, they would move to attack the towns. The fight will happen before then, so that would save the RaL thing from any strange and impossible events.

    Note: Please don't ask me to change a few things that seem impossible to you or the staff, otherwise it wouldn't be a story to me. I would see it pointless. The reason i made this is for the players to join into something thrilling and suspensive, not to mention an interesting plot. The characters would be used in ways that the players would never think. They may even be in the fight against the army.
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