Event Official Teenager: Shadowlack's 13th Hatchday!

Thread in 'Announcements' started by shriker, Jul 18, 2015.

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  1. Another day, another year! Happy hatchday to Shadowlack! We are now officially unruly teenagers at the ripe old age of thirteen. I'm really not sure where all the time went.

    All I know is that I kind of feel a little like a mother whose children all left the nest, and while they write me and stay in contact, I should probably get another cat to fill the void. I've got a bad case of empty nest syndrome. It's been amazing to watch everyone grow up, and begin their slow infiltration into the world of "adulting." A few of you I have known for half of your lives. Wow.

    Dearest Shadowlack,

    Now you are officially rebellious and misunderstood.
    I hope that you have the happiest of hatchdays.
    Life may get shitty sometimes. Seriously. It can be absolute shit.
    You will always have a welcoming home to come back to, no matter where life may take you.
    Please remember that I will always love and care about you.

    «Leba fall. Lyba lyst. Khajeth sha nanyjeat. »

    In celebration of this momentous occasion, I have given the site a brand new style called Soulbound (it might just be our final defense against the Rapine). I hope you enjoy it!

    Now, I don't know about you all, but I'm going to go get some drinking done. Cheers!
  2. Holy hell, 13 years :O

    I guess I can't say no to a birthday as here I am, finally making a return after weeks of nagging myself about it.

    I joined Shadowlack when I was 13, so this is kind of weird. I can remember those early days, the wonder and admiration. Shadowlack has seen so many changes since then, so much growth, so many people. People who I interact with on other sites and no longer on here, growth that still clings to my brain and to some parts of my apartment walls.

    With every new project I start, I long for the way that Shadowlack used to occupy most of my waking moments. I definitely know that I wouldn't be who I am today without the site and everyone who has passed through it's pages. I may drift away sometimes but the Ramathian world won't leave me be :rainbowheart:

    So happy birthday SL and congrats on your child (and the many children you've spawn from it!) Jodie! The new look is sleek af. I will be raising a drink to you tonight! :music:
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  3. Yeah, sometimes I get all nostalgic for the "good old days," but then I remember that those days are what got me where I am am now. This site is almost singlehandedly responsible for all of the skills that I acquired for my career. So amazing to think that it all started with me being a dork about comics in school, and then deciding to buy a domain name.

    Weee! Plus I got to meet you @Lautir! So I have yet another person who can say I'm not entirely weird. :D :D
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  4. :O
    13 is many years. Congratulations on some excellent parenting, Jodie!
    I wonder whether Shadowlack is going to start getting hormonal and angsty now... Guess time will tell.
  5. I think Shadowlack has always had a pretty healthy streak of angst. :P I do wonder where we all go from here though.
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  6. There has definitely always been a good portion of angst~ Hehe.

    I was 14 when i joined and this place was and still remains my "internet home" even if i have been on such a big hiatus. It is really exciting to be role playing again but i definitely do miss "the good ol' days." I spent every lunch hour on shadowlack and most of any minute i could during high school labs to sneak onto the site to chat with friends. (Some of them even in the same class or room as me at the time.) I spread the word of the site to quite a few people in my highschool. It was rather fun. Much of the main character interactions i had are not available anymore because many of those people don't frequent the site much anymore but i look forward to making a bunch more memories now that i am more active~

    I remember lurking for a few years before actually joining. Found you guys through neopets. I think i saw someone post a picture into one of the art contests and checked out their profile page. They had a little link to Ramath and i was like "whats thiiis?" so i checked it out. I wasn't sure it was really my thing but i came to love the site through my lurking and eventually joined. I think it was through one of your pet pages @Iversia . It's strange to think about how i came across this place by chance. I just happened to look at a particular profile page and here i am. Life works in mysterious ways~

    RaL always has a special place in my heart~ I want to help keep this wonderful place around for future people to come and enjoy the same kind of memories i have here. To create the same kinds of lasting friendships and expand their creative writing skills. :3 (Shadowlack helped me be better prepared for short story writing in my English classes even.) One of my first characters made here, became my muse and is who i use to express myself today. I wonder what would have happened if i hadn't of created Temrin. What would have taken her place? Whoooo knows~

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