November is over! D:

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    @ Ang - (spelling) mistake you make while typing.
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    ah, well at least I can relate to everyone with one word now. lol
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    And here I thought it was sarcasms trying to make me feel better, meaning Ang couldn't find any typos xD

    Today my goal is to write over a 1000 words of essay before even touching my novel. -lesigh-
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    Wee... here is just a short excerpt of mine. I don't really want to give too much away right at this moment. ^_^


    Koani stood opposite Synachi, her heart racing wildly in her chest. She was scared, terrified even. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever once imagined a moment like this. She loved magic, but the idea of using it to harm someone terrified her – even if it was for self preservation. Her mother downplayed these feelings of hers and told her not to worry. Karryasa had told her that she was ready, so ready she must be.

    Koani watched Synachi carefully, as if noticing the older thill for the first time. Synachi was dangerous – there was a reason why Zamfir had chosen her as head of his personal guard. Synachi was a murderer. Koani looked over at Karryasa, who smiled pleasantly in return. Zamfir, who was standing next to her, remained stoic. As far as he was concerned, he was merely entertaining his wife. This would be over soon.

    Koani took a deep breath and relaxed. The quills that lined her spine fell flat against her back. She spread her arms apart and widened her stance as she lowered her centre of gravity. From somewhere along the sidelines a loud horn blew. The match had begun.

    Brandishing no weapon, Synachi darted toward the young girl. One hard and fast crack over the head would be more than enough to end this match. Koani had a thin frame and completely breaking the girl’s body seemed more than easy to do. Synachi did not want to fatally injure her though. Knocking the abomination out would be more than sufficient.

    As Synachi swung her fist, Koani twirled lightly out of harm’s way. When Synachi struck out at her again, once more Koani twisted away from harm. After a third and then a forth unsuccessful strike, Synachi took a step back and fell into a crouch. The head of Zamfir’s personal guards smiled faintly.

    “I see what you’re doing,” Synachi said after a calculating moment. “You’re manipulating the air around me to redirect my motions. That will not work any more, little one.” With that, Synachi jumped to her feet and charged at Koani. This time when Koani tried to redirect the older thill, she found that she couldn’t. Instead the air that she was trying so hard to coax whooshed ineffectively past Synachi. Synachi had put up some sort of barrier that was deflecting the young Grader’s efforts.
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    kinda sounds like a pendragon thing. If it is that'll be nice to read.
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    Awesomeness ^_^
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    You know you'll be forever pestered for all of it, right Jodie? ;D
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    Oh... probably. If people want to read it they would need to pester me though, lol. Because after all of the writing is done I'm going to have to go back and fill in a bunch of things and make it all make semi-sense. :x
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    Lol it's kinda like the 'first-draft, second-draft, ect' thing that Authors use.
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    Yarr. Yep, this is all just a first draft. Here's another short teaser. ^_^

    Edited a little bit to remove some spoilers. Can't have those!


    As Ellendi lay there, her mind once again wandered to the conversation she had had with Ashlythe over the communications radio. She wondered what he looked like. Was he handsome? Just how old was he? She knew that he had a wife and an unhatched child, but she didn't know much else. The code word that he had given her had seemed very important too. When he had said it it had given Ellendi unexplainable chills. It was then that Ellendi began to worry. What if the USR failed to give his wife Synachi the full message? The USR was of course currently under the Dragyn rule and everyone knew that they were at odds with the Graders. Synachi was surely a Grader supporter... so would that mean that the USR would take special measures in order to filter her husband's message? Ellendi thought that that it was plausible. Maybe the word was part of some sort of secret Grader plot. There was no doubt in her mind that her superiors had looked up the code word in PRIMUS by now. They would have seen the Grader logo... they would have... What would they do? Ellendi honestly did not know. All she did know was that politics were often a very touchy subject on Ramath-lehi. There were many unexplainable deaths that were often chalked down as unfortunate accidents.

    As Ellendi closed her eyes, she made a silent vow to herself. The next time I'm on Ramath-lehi, the next time I'm on our beautiful planet... I'll find Synachi. I'll find her and tell her what I heard first hand.
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    goddamnit, i want to read it all! D:

    Jooooooooodie, i can has story to read? <OwO>
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    We will see. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to go about editing it and such, but I'm certainly going to need some people to proof read for me. Here's another short excerpt with some rivalry between Iversia and Karryasa. They're really fabulous together. ^_^


    Karryasa coughed as she got to her feet. Her internal organs felt as though they were on fire. Each and every one of her movements were slow and laboured. “What did you do to me?” She demanded, but it came out much more piteously than she had intended.

    “Do you like it?” Iversia asked with a bright smile. “I concocted it just for you, you see. It's a curse, and not just any old curse that you'll find in a restricted book with a do not try this at home label plastered on its cover. Oh no, this curse is something I take all the credit for. From my body to yours, with love. Tell me, how does it feel?”

    “Dreadful... like my entire body is in turmoil. Like it's, like it's... trying to kill itself.” Karryasa looked at Iversia with wide-eyes as realization dawned on her. Her body really was trying to kill itself. Her breathing was becoming more and more laboured with each passing moment and she swore that she could almost feel her internal organs grinding slowly to a halt. If things continued on in this manner, Karryasa wasn't sure just how long she would last. Iversia's curse was seeping deep into the very marrow of her bones.
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    Aghhhhh i want more, this is cruelty to stephs you know!
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    I've never thought of a curse like that before, and it kills much more quickly than 'super bad luck'.
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    Yeah, it's certainly not a good curse at all. Wait until you find out what I named it, lol.

    I feel so evil sometimes. I'm at just over 40,000 words now. Raaawwwr!
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    Write on girl, write on! xD

    You haven't called it Avada Kedavra have you Jodie...?

    Passed the 5ok tonight, story isn't any where near done so I'll keeping hacking away at it over the months. But I think it's time I put the creative brain away and returned to a life of essays while living off of this happiness high.
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    Yes, but in Ramathian so it's Ubupu Capubju!

    I kid, I kid. XD

    I hit 50K today. I win. Wooo! I'm not done with my story either. I think only about 70% or so there. There's a lot more that I want to add to the end and also a few more parts to the middle. I'm strangely pretty happy about it though. o_O;;
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    Yay! Congrats Jodie :D Even with a full day to spare!

    Ubupu Capubju doesn't sound threatening at all when you say it out loud xD

    I hope to keep typing away after school madness, since I, thankfully, don't hate my story yet.
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    guess what? November is over (I looked at the posts title and thought of that *lame joke* myself).
  20. Haha, fix'd ;]

    My goal to keep writing every day has so far been successful!
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