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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Lautir, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. For those of you who are aspiring novelist, or those of you who have just been around the internet long enough, you may have heard of National Novel Writing Month, for the rest of you who haven't - Welcome to the party.

    So National Novel Writing Month, better known as NaNoWriMo, is when people from all over the world decide to try and write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. Every year the amount of participants grows, as well as the the number of winners.

    So if I've managed to intrigue you in some way go check out the official website, where you can sign up and mingle with other writers. They also have an excellent FAQ that explains everything in more detail, but if you don't feel like fishing for an answer feel free to ask me :)

    For those of you just riding out the month of October in excited anticipation sit yourself down and tell me about your future novel. Got a title? A Plot?
  2. Re: November is...?

    Well, my schedule is a lot more "regular" now. I don't really have much of an excuse to not participate this year, lol.
  3. Re: November is...?

    I'm not gonna join but I had an idea, that if anyone that is joining could post a link on ramath-lehi and short discription about their story. (if they'd finish of course)

    I might get interested in the plot and read it for myself.
  4. Re: November is...?

    Heh, that's right Jodie, no more hiding behind all that school stuff ;D

    Very few people actually post their finished novels online Ang, I may have the first few chapters but that's about it. Also haven't written a description yet but I can try and intrigue you with my cover page, lol.
  5. Re: November is...?

    on a different note, your name is Lauren Tirsk? (Lau-TIR!) why do i always call you Kylie?! haha, did i miss something?
  6. Re: November is...?

    Yes... I have lost school as my shield. D:
  7. Re: November is...?

    Haha, nope, name's not really Lauren Tirsk, I just wasn't comfortable with my real name floating around so openly last year so I adopted a pen name for when it concerns novels ;p And then discreetly put 'lau-tir' front and center.

    (I'm dying on the awesome-ness of this layout! So much to explore!)
  8. Re: November is...?

    Unlike previous years it looks like I can actually participate this year. I don't have school getting in the way anymore; since I now study part-time, hitting the 50k limit in a month is actually possible. (And if I go for a 1800-2000 word per day quota, I'll hit 50k early. Whoo!)

    I've already decided to use of my preexisting story ideas for this year's NaNo, should I participate (which is looking increasingly likely). Basically it's what I call "urban fantasy IN THE FUTURE". And it has demons, half-demons, and giant robots.
  9. Re: November is...?

    Any progress on the front novelists?!
  10. Re: November is...?

    I have over 8000 words as of yesterday (started writing on Wednesday... *bad*). I'm pretty much just taking my time and writing mostly during my lunch breaks, lol. I expect a huge jump in count to occur this weekend.

    It's even more fun because it's based on Ramath. >:]
  11. Re: November is...?

    You're making good time then! :O (Which I should consider a bad thing because our cities are in competition again this year >:D)

    Ooo, Ral's been upgraded to novel format! I've always kept a back-up RaL plot in mind if my main novel plan ever failed on me. It will happen someday.

    I'm just past the 10k mark, probably won't write too much this weekend, unless I decided to ignore school, hmm...
  12. Re: November is...?

    Yeah, not too shabby. :D Added another 1000 words during my break today. I think I actually have enough ideas for a minimum of three Ral books. Which is scary to imagine. :fishie:

    (Go Calgary! Lol. They have meet ups and things here too... *scared of those*)
  13. Re: November is...?

    The meet-ups were frightening when I first went (Some writers are crazy xP), but they are also hilarious and very welcoming to new people.

    Are they historic Ral stories, or present day characters?
  14. Re: November is...?

    Yarr. I'm pretty crazy myself sometimes. :s

    A few of the ideas are more historic. The one I'm working on now is about ~50 years before the current timeline. I'm actually writing quite a lot about Vythe's mom at the moment, which is sort of weird. I didn't think I'd be doing that.
  15. Re: November is...?

    That's one of the things NaNo is best at, finding the stories that didn't even exist yet.

    I had an accidental deletion of 2ooo words a few nights ago, my first Nano tragedy ever xD But it was way to early in the game to let something like that stop me. So I re-wrote it, but it probably lacks any sort of quality it may have had the first time.
  16. Re: November is...?

    Yeah, things are just popping out of my fingers... lol.

    It sucks to lose writing like that though. :s I've been using Dropbox, so whenever I save my file gets automatically synced with versions across the multiple computers I use (as well as a web accessible version I can access from anywhere). It also saves versions in case you accidentally overwrite a file. So useful. ^_^ Only catch is that you need to be online for it to synchronize.
  17. Re: November is...?

    Lau, i am interested in the front cover of your novel, the title name and picture says enough to give a sketchy idea of whats it about.

    it's too bad no one posts it up onine, but i wonder if I coud read it on the website!
  18. Re: November is...?

    Dropbox sounds like a life saving program, I might have to pimp it out to everyone else I know xD

    Hey Ang, I've actually gone and posted my first chapter in my journal. So if you like you can read it there. I don't generally post much more then the first bits. For reasons that quality drops and typos increase o_o
  19. Re: November is...?

    Very interesting (:
  20. Re: November is...?

    same here. (typo's? whats that?)
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