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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Skylink, Aug 28, 2005.

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  1. Well, it looks like Jodie's done it again. I click and out of nowhere, BAM! New Layout. Umm.. I should really leave this to her to do since she'll probably say s'more stuff, but since there wasn't a new announcement up.. Yeah. >_> *scurries off*

    Edit: Please excuse our mess. :musicnote:
  2. Haha, an announcement. You are so smart. :P
  3. :P I like to point out the obvious in <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>BigBold</span> Letters.
  4. ^^ Announcements.. i forgot about this section... Ah well.. ^^ Yes Skylink you are MR. Obvious ^^ But that can be a good thing right? ^^
  5. not when you're 18 hours late about it <_<" but I guess, if anyone comes by that didn't yet (like me ._.) they'll know.
  6. This layout is THE SHEX. I love these colors together. I think that Jodie snuck into my brain, stole my favorite color combinations, and threw them into a layout. -eyes Jods suspiciously-
  7. *Hangs upside down, his foot caught on a rope* Aye, tis a good combo, now it just needs pictures and fancy links to go with the cool colors!
  8. IÂ’m sure this announcement will alert everyone who hasnÂ’t noticed the change yet ;)

    I love the gold outlines, makes everything look so crisp :D
  9. its fine
  10. oO;

  11. How doyou not notice a change from blue to red?
  12. They may be colour blind...? But in either way it was a joke :p
  13. Well I am certainly not color blind >.< LOL! I saw it and just about had a fit! *cuts the rope Pre's hangning from* *Watches him hit the ground with a thud...*

    Wat'cha doing alla way down there?! But i do agree with Pre on the pictures..

    *stares at screen and waits till pictures show up*

    theres a growth on my pizza 0.0 >.< *pokes the burnt giant dough bubble*
  14. Erf. Might be a little while for the images now. :/ For some reason my scanner isn't working on this computer, so I'm going to have to go on our other computer, scan the images there, and then transfer them over. The pain. x.-
  15. x_Z *Teh deadorz* But pretty pictures are good. @.@
  16. :D Sexy layoutness! Whewt! :rapine:
  17. Well that kind of sucks... The scanner problems... I know how you feel Shriker... *glares at Scanner as it backs away and falls off desk*
  18. I'm starting to love this layout ^^ The borders on the sides are so neat! What does it say? *too lazy to use Ramathian alphabet to decipher*
  19. Actually... it says nothing, lol. It's Shriker Speak?

    Mm, I just edited the member's profile view to include more information about people's characters since I got rid of that popup thing. Gender, age, and species.
  20. Woo. I like the age, gender & name additions to the userpage. I figured you'd use :male: :female: & :other: at some point. =P
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