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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by shriker, Jul 4, 2005.

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  1. Parts of the new layout are now up. :] It still isn't complete (there's a lot of files that I still need to edit, colours that need to be fixed, and images needing to be uploaded). If you come across any errors (even broken links) or have any suggestions, please tell me about them. Thanks. ;)

    Happy Independence Day to all you Americans out there.
  2. *whistle!* Now that's impressive! I really think the top part gives the impression of something eerie and powerful... plus it just looks plain cool. :P And good on you for putting the info-stuff links where it's handy.
  3. indeed it makes things easier fer my one and only brain cell!!!
  4. *gasp* Oooo... Nice. *likes the thingy in the upper left-hand corner*
  5. Dang man!! I'm gone a day or so and come back and this is what I find. I can't complain though. I love it!! :D
  6. Oooo it's all cool and aquatic-like, me likes it :) Wish this cyber cafe comp had firefox though, it looks a bit weird in explorer.
  7. It adds a huge white space in it, right? :/ I'm not sure why it's doing that in IE. I've got valid html and css. IE is just reading it wrong or something. I'll see if I can fix it.
  8. *raises thumbs* The spiffyness if overpowering. I like the links at the side. Very proffetional.
  9. *farts*


    I miss the white on black text. :D But the rest is spiffy doodle.
  10. I semi "fixed" the whitespace issue... well, I changed it into a margin issue now for IE users. I'm still trying to find a good solution though. Stupid IE and their crappy rendering. You'd think that it'd be better by looking at the company that backs them up, but nooo.
  11. Very, very good! I applaud your coding skillz.
  12. Amazing! As always, Shriker ^^

    You are very awesome!
  13. Well it works for the most part for me now, only screwing up every little while, so good job! It was irking me a wee bit because I kept thinking it was loading, when it was already done. -____-^
  14. How exactly..? And what browser are you using?
  15. IE, same as everyone else, I actually think it is loading, because before I would wait a bit, and then realise itloaded awhile back. Now I see the white screen, look away, and it's normal. So thats the case prolly, I use a network, it can get pretty laggy at times.
  16.</a> :P

    IE is still having some CSS issues with the site. They're actually "inferior" when it comes to web coding standards now. I actually had to break my current code in order to get IE to read it. I shouldn't have to do that. :/ I think the only error IE users should be getting now is a about a 130 pixel wide margin error (beside the site content/forums). I haven't been able to "fix" that without completely breaking the design for non-IE users.

    It does sound like you've got a bit of lag at your end though. ^^; The site loads pretty fast for me.


    Nuff said.

  18. *Clings to IE* I've been using it for like... 10 years! You can't take it away from me!... And yeah, I got it all fast and up to date, my network really slows down sometimes. *blams his brother and his wireless link to heck* It's only the lag, I've realised, everythin works out fine. good aye!
  19. *sqwee!*

    The NRF scientists are on the side ^^;

    Nice. Well, I better be going 5minutesleft.
  20. OMG <_< I just cecked by and my eyes popped out. I'm gonna go find them now. Have fun and NICE LAYOUT!!! HELLO TO EVERYONE I KNOW and to those I dont know too... bye as well *wanders off in search of eyes*
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