New drawings nov!, what do you think?

Thread in 'General Chat' started by Morichai, Apr 4, 2013.

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    *Runs away with eyes burning*

  2. lol, Mori. For some reason, I looked at it and wanted to write graffiti on the rocks.. cuddly as always.
  3. ORLY?

    I luff you~
  4. YES RLY :P
  5. nice; if there was eyes, that would make it hurt but i seem to like the night sky in this one.
  6. Wow! Nice job. HereÂ’s a cookie :cookie:

    IÂ’ll try to do a competition against you but I can't do shading and coloring without ruining it.
  7. Ai, 2 Tiras? XD
  8. 2 tiras'? nuuu the blue one belongs to Dumu ^^;
  9. Lyek omigosh you didn't know?? *death* Woffelwop!
  10. *jaw drop*

    good as!
  11. [​IMG]


    It been ages since i posted anything here ^^;
  12. haha, woooood. i lke the top picture, it looks like it should be printed out and written on. has a soft card captors sort of feel.
  13. Tee hee thank you!

    I've just finished watching the japanese cardcaptors yesterday ^^; again >3 so it was somewhat inspired, the wood one was a mean joke :P

    A horrible mean joke XD
  14. i'z jealous mori...
    i can't draw >.<
    not rly at least, i do something like a modified chibi but it never looks good.
    and i *attempted* a drawing of my char Eturalla but again, no goods >.<
  15. i wanna se your chibiz :3
  16. haha, i'm actually working on one of me and my friend ryan, where he's tied up in a microphone cord (he's a techie and i luff him) and i'm sitting laughing. i'll post it as soon as i'm totally done. start my own artsy thread :D

    ...and it really is a LOT different from regular chibis. i suck >.<
  17. i betchu dont :P

    looking forwardto it:P
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