Mohir steps down.

Thread in 'Media Communication' started by Denizen, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. Detective Mohir has today handed in his resignation in light of the latest discovery. He has come under a lot of fire from the public and professionally for "giving up the chase".

    According to his personal speaker, Detective Mohir - a decorated and well respected police officer - has resigned due to the latest discovery of another body in the Notios Sudesha region.

    It is said the corpse belongs to that of Daryn Kieber, aged 23, and lived in the area. He had a dirty record, both academically and legally. Reported to have been in several gang shoot outs all across the globe, and heading a triangle of arms, drugs and prostitution, he allegedly educated himself in Botany at Janardan, and had been doing so for some years. While this news appears to come as a bit of a relief to the police (who had been pursuing the Khell for some three years) it brings with it the implication that Daryn's death is linked with that of Kimera's, some puis ago.

    Arden Kieber's Thill'sla (whom has requested to stay anonymous) gave us her statement at an undisclosed location (transcribed literally):

    "Da'ba had enemies, did'ne? I knew i'. Who didun'? Yeah I saw 'im. Can' sa'e didun' dese've to dai, bu' no' the way 'e did. I saw 'is body (she shakes her head) They're good, righ'? (She takes a drag on her cigarette). Life goes on, dunni'?"

    Strangely, Kieber's Thill'sla seems to care little about Daryn's death, but the rumours are spreading now among the back-streets. This journalist has heard first hand discussions from doorways between hooded groups, bearing The Damned Chevron on their backs. But whether Kieber was part of TDC is unknown. Little is being said by either the gangs or the police about Kieber's devotion.

    Speculation surrounding this event comes down to one piece of hard evidence, which some are saying directly links Kimera with Daryn. A note written with black ink reads, "Am I good enough?". Some are saying that this isn't a single Pendragon, but that it could be a group of sadistic criminals with a grudge. Some are saying it's the same person.

    Eyewitnesses - who have apparently been to Daryn's place of death - have all told me the same thing. They were all sure he was "born with fur".
  2. <span style='color:purple'>Oooooo. The plot thickens.</span>
  3. Let's just hope it's a copycat killer! Ahhhh! Why, Alex, whhhhhy?

  4. Don't ask me! I'm just reporting all this! *Shifty eyes*
  5. <span style='color:purple'>Lol. *glares at alex.*

    I'll rephrase my last comment... the fur thickens.

    this will be interesting.</span>
  6. D: i think you need help, oh please don't skin me ;___;
  7. When will it all end!
  8. I do believe this is only the beginning.

  9. -gets out fork and knife-
  10. *bats off*

    no! no eating the corpses!
  11. -whines- but i'm huuuungggrrry!
  12. <span style='color:purple'>If your hungry I think there are some pickled brains and embryos in the corner.</span>
  13. Don't eat mai babies ;_;

    just saw off some toes, we'll cover his feet with socks :3

    And i thought Alex was sick >D
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