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  1. Mia 34th, 81381.

    On Tria 24th, 81380, Crail and Prazen Medhsjyta, lead singer and songwriter of the world-famous band Killswitch, were savagely murdered, along with Prazen's son, Aese, in an aircraft accident. The vehicle was preparing to land when it was shot down by an unidentified 'dragon that witnesses only recall as being "tall and pale blue, with purple and yellow hair".

    Prazen died almost on contact, and ceased to live about fifteen minutes after the accident. By then, rescue workers had dug her out, but it was too late. Coroners identify the death as being from internal bleeding and paralyzation caused by shrapnel wounds. Crail lasted a day longer. Half of Aese's face had been blown away by the explosion, and he died the same day of the incident due to blood loss and tissue damage.

    Interpol worked a month trying to hunt down the killer and bring him to justice- the death penalty- but it appears as though an unauthorized person did the job for them.

    Attrius Infernus, a Janardan student and the Medhsjyta's half-brother and only surviving relative, disappeared after the accident. It turns out that he himself tracked down and killed the murderer, who could be identified only as "Jahaus".

    Mr. Infernus returned on Mia 19th. He was thought to be dead by Janardan staff and friends. Reportedly, he's in "a horrible condition- heavily damaged both psychologically and physically."

    We could recieve no comment from Mr. Infernus.

    -The Ramathian Times.
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