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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Siaka, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. not sure who's still around and whatnot since i haven't been around myself in quite a while, at any rate, i'm in need of a thread! preferably a one-on-one for my own sanity as exams come up, but for anyone that's interested i can use any of my characters ^^
  2. Oh, how about a thread with me? :D
  3. for sure =)
    I've no really great ideas, at the moment, but if you want to roleplay one of your characters specifically or with one of mine i'm sure i could think of something ^^
  4. oh, i might be interested once i get my stuff together! :D
  5. heh cool pm me or something when you're squared away =)
  6. Um...my aquabat could use some action so I can develope her character a bit more. :D We could do something with her?
  7. for sure =)
    any particular place you want to RP her or any characters of mine you want me to use?
  8. Um...I was thinking maybe the Fishing Peers? I don't know which character would be the most fun to play with her, though... >.<
  9. Perhaps Czaryne? not sure he'd mesh well at all with Vjauc, but it might be entertaining seeing as the two have absolutely nothing in common. maybe he could be working or some sort either defending the travelling circus, or against it for some zoning reason? just random bits ^^"
  10. That second one sounds kind of fun...who would you like to start? :D
  11. Yay! Thank you. :)
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