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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by WhiteSong, Dec 8, 2008.

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  1. Hello. WhiteSong here. I'm in need of being showed the ropes in rping in Ramath-lehi. >.< If anyone has a thread open or is willing to make a thread, I would very much like to rp with them. I need to learn how roleplaying works here. =}

    In short I need someone to rp with~


    PS: My character is Leva Nyym.
  2. hi there, welcome to Ramath! c:

    yeah, there's definitely no shortage of people here to offer you up a thread, although i think the most of us are busy with exams. me not included. (:

    if you like any of my charries, we can thread.
  3. Sure! That's great! Thanks Phylus! =3 Oh! And I like Ploy! He seems fun~ So Can I RP Leva with Ploy? If you have a thread open? o.o That would be great!

  4. hehe, Ploy's a little child-monger. he's already in a thread with 12 year old Jynx! anyway, sounds good. i don't think Ploy has any threads open (the one with Jynx seems on a standstill) so why don't you just start something and i'll insert Ploy.
  5. Alright, let me think of something...

    Posted in the Nyonge Mountain Range. ^ ^
  6. I wouldn't mind to thread with you and welcome to RaL. I hope you enjoy your stay. ^.^

    I'll let you pick which ever character of mine you want to rp with.
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