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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Stormwing, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. <table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>CODE </td></tr><tr><td id='CODE'><insanity></td></tr></table>
    I'm back from an unplanned and accidental seven day hiatus. HAY GUYZ!!!

    Okay, so... we are aware that Ramath has been having some issues and we are also aware that the host is a tool. We are currently consternating over this...

    Jodie and I have decided to host a "let it all hang loose" sort of chat sometime in the coming weeks. We'll have a little Internet party with little e-beers and everything. We'll try to show you how we REALLY behave behind closed doors... er... and you'll all be frightened. But, yes, look forward to the two of us hosting a fun chat in the near future.

    What: "Meet the REAL Administrators" chat.
    When: TBA.
    Why: We're getting more psycho as summer approaches...
    Where: Ramath chat room.


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    P.S. Some day, I swear, we'll get to those pending character applications.
  2. Consternating is a rather amusing word.

    But yeah, an open chat night would be cool. We can stir up some ideas maybe. :] Um. I guess another thing to note is that it's "crunch time" for me. Exams this week, crits next week, and general crazy-ass busy goo until the end of this month. :'(
  3. Saaame. Hell, I'll be flimsy in activity clear through fall, probably... *CoughsmovingtransferringboysalcoholdrunkCanadianskatingcoughs*
  4. I heard drunk and skating, so it's got sumin to do with Canada...


    Yeah sure, I might just pop inta this lil thing and do a meet and greet, then vanish into the night via a whirl of multicolored smoke and balloon animals.
  5. ^^ditto - if only to see if i can scare everyone more ^^
  6. XD Sounds like a good idea--a fun one too.
  7. Gosh. That sounds... delicous. Like... as yummy as a muffin! :muffin: A blueberry muffin. My shirt just got attacked by a muffin.

    I like muffins.

    Yay for muffins and busy goo.

    Eee. My muse is being an asshole.

    Muffin is such a cool word. It's like: muhff-in.

    I love that "muhff" sound.
  8. I think I know how you guys are normally by now but then again, it should be entertaining to see.
  9. Hehe insanity is always fun. My mom thinks I'm insane...I taught Vinnie to roll over...
  10. Insanity is small doses can be the kyure for boredom, but too much can drive you, well, batty.

    Although I never said there was something wrong with that. ;D

    Aye, somune's gimme a call when it's tyme.

    Mmmm. Lishp.
  11. Oo; I may have inspired something...
  12. Sounds interesting, hope IÂ’m not to busy for it. College is pilling on the things at the moment.
  13. *points at signature* This is part of the conversation that inspired this... uhm... thing... I think?
  14. So... Is it gonna be sometime during summer break, or at least during a weekend? 'cause us poor foreigner might find it hard to get on at eleven at night in the middle of the week...

    That being said, I must say that there is certainly a difference between madness and insanity, and maybe being crazy goes into one of them. One is good, one is scary, but I'm never quite sure which is which...

    Also, I might add, relish being told things like:
    "You're fucking crazy, you know that?" Which happens from time to time. Almost as much as I enjoy perpetrating it, I enjoy observing insanity. Most kinds, at least. Therefore, I would love to join in on this little event, should It be possible. I can't wait.

    Oh, and by he way...

    :musicnote: :cookie: :musicnote:

    All hail the musical cookie.

    (Ok, so it's not funny, but I'm tired and regrettably sane.)
  15. Yeah, probably a weekend. Still no idea when though. I have final projects this week, critiques, my parents are coming, sometime in there I need to move + set up internet (hopefully wireless) at my new place, see my favourite guy off on his plane, hand in my final portfolio with proposal/etc, get my laptop fixed, and get a fsking job. *sighs* Summer can't come soon enough. Burnout. !_!
  16. Awwww, jods. Keep on truckin'...
    Does that make sense? ...I'm not sure I know wtf that means... =P
  17. :musicnote: Shmee! Sounds cool.
  18. Is there a dress code for this little get together.
  19. No shoes, no shirt, no problem.
  20. *points at sig* what about pants? or underpants, for that matter- 'cause Kat may wanna know.
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