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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by shriker, Jan 8, 2006.

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  1. I think it was bigger, I gathered up the three signatures from my various chars, guilds, websites, and the like. Shifter is my personal favorite character. ;D But before I get too off topic, I'll meander off. Maybe I should get into an rp, maybe do work in school for once, ho hum...
  2. XD Someone at school (I have no idea who they were) came up behind me at lunch when I was posting and said, quote: "Forkin' sweet layout."

    But of course they didn't use fork. :D Random teens :heart: Rapine
  3. The new layout is wycked awesome. I especially love the new font you are using for the letters.
  4. This layout ish muh blanket!
  5. Wow! k-neatness! It looks really NAR NAR!
  6. !!

    I just commented on how much I liked the rapines on DA. XD;; I come over here and it's the layout, woohoo! ^___^
  7. Beautiful artwork. Marvelous detail. =)
  8. Woo, thanks mate. :]
  9. Soo pretty, I was perusing your LJ (I think it was yours) and stared at all the pretty pictures.
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