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  1. *sigh* I keep wanting to get on and play, but I feel my imagination has been..more than lacking as of late. I've stopped reading regularly, playing video games regularly, can't get into my table top gaming that I'm a part of...something feels off. I have no motivation or imagination anymore...
  2. I'm personally having an issue with the same thing but it's because I recently lost tons of stuff. I took a good hit from that.
  3. I kind of know the feeling, but it's something that I've learned to power through. I think a large part of it is conditioning over time. Having gone to what was technically an art school, I couldn't wait around for my "muse" when there were deadlines and projects due. Some of my best work has been done under stress while completely not "feeling it." :) It may take some of the joy and fun out of creating, but looking back, I am pretty proud of what I've accomplished (the same can really be said about participating in NaNoWriMo - it's all about forcing yourself to continue).

  4. I'm in a similar position, but also very much agree with @Iversia.

    It's not so much drive I'm lacking as much as it's that I keep spreading myself out over other projects while having very limited time for writing. So this month I've been working on a short story collection, last month I tried my hand at editing, so on and so worth. The plus to having multiple projects to work on is that it helps to keep yourself excited about your own work, when one gets a little tiring you can switch to another. But the main problem with this is that you might never see any of these projects to completion (my problem!).

    If it's been a while since you've RP'd it can be a little hard to just jump right into it, especially when you have a whole world to reacquaint yourself with. When this happens I find it helps to just write a short little flash fiction for yourself (something less than 1000 words). Just give yourself a time limit and see what comes out. Learn something new about your own character. This might help get you loosened up and ready for some threads :]

    As for you Nyte, losing work definitely hurts and can be very demoralizing. But if it's something that you had been working on for a long time it's good to know that you can still re-write it. And if you do it will likely be better than the first time you wrote it! If it's not something you need as a part of a larger projects or anything then it might be best to just let it go, the words and stories are gone to the either but none of it was in vane. Everything you have ever written is learning and practice. Those stories helped to get you to where you are now and that's something that you'll never lose.

    Gosh, what have I just written. Sorry for being such a soapbox. I spend a fair bit of time encouraging other people to keep writing and it's hard to turn off. I'll just leave now.

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  5. Lmao, no worries. I know what you mean. I lost somewhere around a dozen character writeups full backgrounds and with several I even had a number of "journal entries" for. The important ones are still swirling around in my noggin still so that's good that I haven't lost my mind... er... hey! Oh there it is again... anyway the other part was mostly info about a random kingdom that I turned into a sort of plot line on the fly. It was fun. But that too is in the old orbital file too. Finally the conglomeration of all of my late night scribbles, at work jotting on scraps of paper, and years of developing calenders, deities, kingdoms, continents... but again that too is in the whirl in the ol'brain pan.

    My... it's getting crowded in here...
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  6. *Hands up* Me too!

    Completely forgot I had registered to this site. Only to have 2 e-mail reminders that I once did roleplays here. I miss my non-working, free and easy days where I could just explore all my interests at my own pace and time, without worry about the next errand I have to run. *insert sad face*
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  7. @kutz This place will always be here for when you do have time. :)
  8. To chime in I read something not long ago that I was quite found of- If you wait for inspiration to strike, you're going to be waiting a very long time. :P
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