Kayr Har'a convicted from ward

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  1. Kayr "Mitre" Hara'a, 44, has been convicted by the Chafuo Department of Justice - the privately funded, independently Master and Journeyman run organization, devoted to bringing criminals to justice by over-stepping otherwise necessary paperwork.

    Despite several attempts to escort Kayr from his hospital ward, the CDJ instead held a virtual tribunal in which Kayr could communicate from his bed to the "Agesugh". Hara'ba's constant denials of the charges of 5 counts of pre-meditated murder appeared to fall upon deaf ears as Hara'ba was sentences to serve 3 life terms in Krokino Prison, effective immediately.

    There has been uproar in some parts of Aurius over the arrest and subsequent conviction of the 44 year-old Khell, and it is possible an appeal will go forward in the next 40 hours. Physical transfer of Hara'ba is supposed to take place in 60 hours, as handed down by Master Vori'ba Vexis (86).

    Some are saying that the CDJ arrested the nearest 'dragon they could find so as to appease the public and bring themselves some credit again. Some are suggesting that Kayr is indeed the mastermind. However, facts are facts, and since the arrest, the Watani Police have announced that all students attending the Janardan Academy must stay either in their dormitories or with friends or family within a short distance of the Academy campus - and "by no means are students to venture anywhere alone".

    The previous warning and search radius has now expanded to a 2 miles radius, with more than 300 official and volunteer Police'dragons searching for the missing Jeweller Caoihme Kaie (19). Thill Kaie's employer in Bhim has let on at this early stage in the search that she was seeing someone who, in essence, lives at the Janardan Academy. As of yet, no one has come forward to help the Police narrow down their search area.

    It has also been suggested that Kaie could have been heard arguing with a muffled male voice from the lower levels, but cannot be confirmed. Speculation surrounding the rumour suggests that the male vanished along with Kaie, but there is no evidence to indicate that more than one student is missing.

    Her place of work in Bhim saw a lull in productivity, shortly before her disappearance, where she was caught fashioning a pair of rings. Her employer, who at this stage is preferring to stay anonymous, said they noticed "a distinctly uncharacteristic aura of withdrawal about young Kaie".

    Oran Cipher is "hot on the case", already stating that his top under-cover agent has located the culprit and will move to detain as soon as possible.

    Local approval ratings have, as a result, flipped 180 degrees; the majority of the public are now seeming to back the WPD and their precision performance.

    [h2]<font color="red">Formal Advisory Warning To All Residents of Janardan Academy and Vivuli[/h2]</font color>

    <font color="red">Where possible, do not travel unnecessarily and never go anywhere alone. Always try to commute with a personal phone or communication device fully capable of making emergency calls. Avoid unsafe routes. Avoid being separated from groups for any period of time. If you are worried about your safety, contact the WPD immediately, and every measure will be taken to ensure your protection.</font color>
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  3. lol "You scary ******* cat." Maybe it was Mittens all along!
  4. <span style='color:red'>Ha! Yeah. I'm really enjoying this murder mystery. :3 I wonder who it is.</span>
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