Junior TDC Arrested over Shooting.

Thread in 'Media Communication' started by Denizen, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. A junior member of TDC - The Damned Chevron (A Watani based criminal organization that poses as a legitimate group of protesters and charity workers) was apprehended by a Kugsuem in the military some time after the shooting.

    The weapon used to open fire upon members of the Watani Police dispatch is being suggested to have been dealt to the The Damned Chevron by [persona=1583]Garrett Seryn[/persona]. Dustings of the weapon have shown only one set of fingerprints - and they match the junior TDC.

    Oran Cipher was unable to be moved from the scene and has suffered severe internal bleeding. Paramedics are currently tending to his injury and believe the core of the bullet may have contained a compound which has caused some infection around the point of impact. [persona=1583]Garret Seryn[/persona] is believed to deal in non-standard weaponry.

    Although Cipher is unable to lead the investigation at this time, other officers have been further scrutinizing yesterday's murder of Dastiq Bhol.

    On his right hand - middle finger - was a silvery ring. I can't say for sure what exactly it's made from, but the words, "Am I good enough?", were poorly engraved on the inner surface.

    Thill Kaie has been to the site and was horrified (and soon went into shock) to find that her ring also had the words engraved in the same way.

    When interviewed, Thill Kaie's employer firmly contested the notion that Kaie and any of her young engravers and jewellers would have engraved the rings. She stated that, "My Thills av'got steady 'ands!"

    Tests will be conducted on the rings, but it seems that the sceptics are going to be right on this one: The WPD is getting very thinly spread these days.
  2. <span style='color:purple'>Oh mercy be. Thats bad. He'll end up dead or in recovery for a good few years from that wound let alone the infections.</span>
  3. <span style='color:red'>X3 More, more! XD I'm enjoying this.</span>
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