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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Junsui, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. <font color='698AAB'>Alrightie. While I'm brain dead about the lingo thread for Jemdrull we've got goin', I figure I might as well be constructive and get a team or two together. [​IMG]

    So, if you're interested in playing Jemdrull professionally (ICly of course) then reply with your character's name (whether created already or not) and their position on the team.

    (If you know nothing of Jemdrull, it's in this forum; so go searching for it! [​IMG]  The title is "A Game". I'm too lazy to go looking for it myself at this point, but I might edit this and add the link for people as lazy as me. LOL)

    Depending on how much interest and how many teams we get, will decide how many coaches and refs we need. (And, I'll be one coach. Might have a player or two, too. [​IMG]  )</font>
  2. <font color='#00FF00'>Talon Ottonu - Wild</font>
  3. <font color='#F8F8FF'>Question. Can pendragons play even if their trade has nothing to do with Jemdrull...?</font>
  4. <font color='#A255'>OOH! I'm very interested. I've been looking around for a job for my poower Santiago. He's a cCHaser and his life is jemdrull. xD</font>
  5. <font color='698AAB'>Hmm.. I dunno? LOL!  [​IMG]

    I 'spose they could. But I think to be professionals, it'd have to be their trade. (hehe, lookit all the real life sports people. they live, eat, drink, sleep, and breathe their sport. )

    To play for fun, o' course! Like in RL you play touch football, or a half-court of basketball. You just don't get your face on a box of wheaties or the ad endorsements. *giggles*</font>
  6. <font color='#FF7F00'>Hrmm.. if there were non-professional teams then perhaps one of my characters would join in on the fun..</font>
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