Players Wanted Jemdrull on the Pavement

Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Sadie, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. Because the lovely Iversia suggested that I post here after chattering her ear off last night about Jemdrull, I thought I'd do so!

    So... ways into my thread: Jemdrull on the Pavement

    The game is over, but there are plenty of places someone could fit in, with a new character or one that's already made and established.

    - One of my teammates! Maybe you're the charger that rocked that blue ball off the chest of the Lukuo Blocker and into Ranika's waiting paws! If so, she totally owes you a drink.

    - Someone on the opposing team! Maybe you were that Blocker! Was it bloody hilarious, or infuriating being used as a bouncing board for the play that won the game for the other team? Or are you the opposing Wild, that grey-furred Pendragon who was THIS CLOSE to getting the white ball into the triangle. THIS CLOSE! ARGH!

    - A spectator! You LOVE Jemdrull. Or have no idea what it is, heard the commotion from the mouth of the alley, and had to see what was up. Maybe you even placed a bet on the game, winning or losing!

    - A ganger! You could have been a referee, or just standing around as muscle to make sure no one interfered in this money-making venture. Or maybe you RUN this Jemdrull court in the backstreets of Fhesakhugal, (I am never going to be able to spell that word on my own. Ever!)

    - A fan! "Man, pro Jemdrull is awesome, but the streets are where it's at! I've watched every game Ranika has been a Wild in, and that Thill can really throw a ball! Hey! Do you guys mind if I come along for a kyf burger?

    - An aspiring player! "Hey, um... I know this isn't pro or official, but I used to play when I went to school in Janardan. Or maybe I'm totally new. Or a seasoned vet! Look me up next time you need a Blocker to fill out a team! Or a Charger! Or whatever!"

    - A talent scout! Yeah, Ranika's dreaming here. But who knows who watches the games, right? I mean, I heard that Joey Quickthrow got picked up at a street game last month! And now he's training for the pros, or some school team, or something! Isn't that totally ace?

    Or anything else that you can think up!

    And if you just think Jemdrull is neat, I plan on opening a thread to flesh out the game a bit. There are some rules that are a bit fuzzy, and the game needs a bit of a facelift. So keep your eyes open for that, coming soon to a forum near you!

    Yeah, I'm a dork. But hey, it's fun!
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  2. Fun fact: Sadie raises her hand whenever she asks me a question.

    Depending on the bites you get, I may be able to toss someone in as a spectator/gambler. :)
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  3. If you don't get any bites by Sunday and if I can stay on top of my thread with Iversia better by then, I'm interested in throwing Mae in as a spectator/interested new player. But I'm afraid I'd just slow you down!
  4. Iversia... Sadie only raises her hand when she has a sour soother in her mouth when said question comes to mind. >.>;;

    Lautir Slowing down is fine! I'm in no hurry. If I need a greater density of roleplay activity, I can always open more threads, or try to join others. I'm in absolutely no rush to find new players for Ranika's thread, or to keep it hopping at any specific pace. :)
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  5. Cuuute! Anyway, I updated Jemdrull's rules and gave names to the penalties for refs to call out in the event of one: Jemdrull - Shadowlack Codex I think it's starting to make a little more sense now.
  6. Much more sense. My previous interpretation of having only wilds allowed to so much as touch the white ball, and only for three seconds at a time, led to a "Throw it as hard as you can, chase it... throw it... chase it..." game play for Wilds, which didn't make too much sense. Having other players able to touch, hold, and pass the white ball without being allowed to score with it makes much more sense, and was probably the originally intended interpretation. :)
  7. I would love to throw Meela and Ned in there as some hired muscle. Its the sorta job they were made for. Though I am incredibly rusty in my rping and I have a tendency to fall off the face of RaL for long amounts of time, I would love to stretch the ol' rp muscle if you'll have me. ^^
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  8. Any and all are welcome! :) I'm not sure how I can get Ranika to interact with the muscle, since she's just shaking hands with the other team and then looking to find food. Maybe I can get that grey Pendragon Wild or the Lukuo Blocker to punch her in the muzzle when they go for the handshake. *Cackles*
  9. Yeah I was thinkin' about how to get them interacting too. Ranika did just win some money, and I figured Meela and Ned might be inclined to follow that money in hopes of siphoning off some of it for themselves. Though I like this idea of yours greatly, they would appreciate the opportunity to break up a fight.
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    I'm growing rather fond of it as well. It makes things a bit more gritty than a jock a bit down on her luck playing Jemdrull on the street for food money. Not that that isn't a bit grim in itself, but a healthy punch during a handshake here and there can't go wrong in reinforcing that wholesome Bhim atmosphere. Good sportsmanship, and all that. :)

    Edit: I'll be posting on Wednesday, barring anything coming up, so if anyone wants to establish themselves before the handshake, jump on in! The asphalt is fine! ;) And of course, I have no trouble with anyone jumping in whenever after that, if you'd rather wait. It's happening on the public street, after all!
  11. And posted! The situation is rather calmed, but feel free to have the grey Pendragon or the Lukuo take another lunge at Ranika or her team mates if you need more conflict for Meela and Ned to play off of. :)
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