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Thread in 'Media Communication' started by shriker, Mar 7, 2013.

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    Late Tessera
    "It's coming," they said.

    Ramath-lehi's greatest scientists had first predicted it years ago. At the time they had been excited and tickled with glee. They were to witness a natural phenomenon — albeit an incredibly rare one. This sort of thing only happened once every few millennia! If anything it ought to be cause for celebration.

    Now the date was fast approaching.

    Doomsayers had gotten hold of this event's information and had spun it into a tale of apocalyptic destruction. They stepped atop their soapboxes and saturated the ears of everyone that passed.

    The people must know!
    The people deserve to know!

    Even those who were sound of mind were swayed by the insistent preaching... it was catching.

    "It's the end of the world," they said. "The sky is going to burn crimson before this is all over — before we're over."

    For a while, the government was able to control the media and reduce widespread panic. However as time dragged on and the Death Date drew nearer, their vice-like grip weakened.

    Tessera 12, 81383...
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