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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by blue, May 5, 2009.

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  1. Hey! It me blue, it seem that and email has brought me back to life, School is slowly killing me, Hey look on the bright side. I'm almost out of it, and more then likely going to another higher education. :D So if you been missing me. It cause I been bogged down by many different things. Mainly school. Hopefully if all goes planed I will get into a art institute, how cool would that be? Though I will try and hang out with you guys more often ^^ sorry for making you worry.

    Edit: Excuse my grammar and spelling, sometimes a place in words That I don't mean to ^^ Like I caught myself on this post.
  2. School is seriously bugging me, the middle school I'm at demands five page and a half esseys and forty two specialized peices of work capped with another introductory pararaph, and I don't have a good portion of what they're asking for because I just came here from another school and an entirly different part of town. However, if I don't figure out a way through this I don't get to go into a new grade level. The only good part of this whole thing is that it means school ends in three weeks max, so beleive that I can sympathize Blue. Good luck, and happy sailing.
  3. lol you guys are lucky, i have almost no homework (execpt my assessment tasks) sooooo i'm BORED!
  4. I don't find myself lucky.
  5. I would prefer suffering from accute bordom, you can't be denied entrence to high school for having nothing left to do. Unless, yaknow, something really freaky like a space time vortex opens up and a little opposite land spills out (or would that be fills in?).
  6. or your so smart that you can just skip all this at like the age of 13 >< ^^;
  7. Nah, that woyld only work if quantam philosiphy was a subjsect at school.
    Anyone wondering what quantam philisiphy is should discuss the matter scientifcly but with an open mind to whoever they can that has the largest group of differing oppinions. While making fun ofeach other. In a beige room. On ntuesday. In the rain. After a rainbow has already been blotted back out. With cheese sandwiches as snacks.
    I'll stop now.....
  8. *is brain dead by Xander's words* i wouldn't recomend skiping school in a day and age such of ours.
  9. I just saying there are smart kids out there that do skip grades XD
  10. I almost skipped from kindergarten to second grade, missing first grade entirely and earning even more nerd points then I would inevitably get anyway. I wonder if there's a reality where I took that grade skip.....
  11. lol theres no way i'm gonna skip a grade (my brain is too slow even for it's own good!),i'm only a hard worker
  12. Then you're already more qualified then 99% of the public school kids in Albuquerque as far as I can tell. Never underestimate the value of a hard worker.

    (I'ts always that last damn more then determined zombie that makes it to you with one shot left as you're reloading and can't melee!)
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