Is anyone even active here?

Thread in 'General Chat' started by Jmonster, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. I see that some things are updated recently, but all of the IC threads i see are from like last year and two years ago? I just wanted to see if anyone still actually played here and if it was worth it to try and play here along with you guys.
  2. Ahh, it's kind of a weird community at the moment where a lot of people are active off-site. I'm still debating what I'd like to do with the place. Sort of leaning heavily on turning it into a web comic of sorts.

    I'm always up for some writing though. :)
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  3. There are a good number of users that are mostly lurkers these days and participate in the OOC threads but yeah, IC can be slim pickin's sometimes. There are still people around though :) Usually best to poke some people directly to start an IC story or post a thread looking for RP partners. ^_^

    @Iversia: Ooooo comicy goodness omnom!
  4. @Temrin Yeah, kinda thinking that the early reign of the Graders would be super fun to do since I already have most of it all written out. ^_^
  5. That would be so awesome :D
  6. @Iversia @Temrin

    It's nice to see a few people still around! I would still like to RP here and get some threads going (i also don't mind slow threads either, so maybe it's best that pickings are a little slim) so i can better understand the site(plot) and stuff (and also get some use out of my poor OCs that have no home) Thanks for responding guys!

    Also you said that most people are active offsite? Would there be another place that most have gathered?
  7. @Jmonster I may be able to pick up a thread with you at some point! The end of this month and the beggining of the next are hugely busy with work stuff but after that i may have a more active streak here for a while~ We shall see!
  8. Welcome to the site, @Jmonster!

    I've been a lurker here forever, but I'd like to get (back) into RP - though I wasn't particularly active IC way back when, either. I've got a feeling that threads with me are going to end up being pretty slow, but if you'd still like to give it a shot we could see how it goes! I want to create a new character before we start. I'll get back to you once I get round to that?
  9. I stay logged in on this site like 24/7.
    But I am de bad on initiating anything :I
  10. saaaaame XD
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  11. Would love to roll with something! Been looking for some sort of creativeness to delve into.
  12. Hmm... I'm bold enough to try to initiate something. But I will have to make a character first.

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