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Thread in 'Hatchling Central' started by Lupa Blackthrone, Aug 16, 2014.

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  1. What should we call you? Aliases are fine!
    Lupa is what I am called. And my main RP characters name. Can you guess what my favorite animal is? I'll give you a hint: "Lupus" which is also how I got my name.

    When and where did you first start roleplaying? Is Shadowlack your first online play-by-post game?
    Uh...couple years ago on the forums. It's the first play-by-play post game I've done like it, though!

    Tell us what part(s) of Shadowlack interest you, and where you would like to get involved.
    Well, I love Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy themes to death, so that caught my eye to begin with. Then, when the Pendragon(?) greeted me my first reaction was 'Awah! I wanna hug it and love it'. Plus, it's sort of nice to see a anthro-type species for once. Usually they get all kinds of flack.

    How did you find out about Shadowlack? has a tiny banner/button linked to your website. I was bored and clicking things and yeah...

    Do you have any pets?
    [squeals] Yes! I've got three dogs and two cats. May I list them? I'm going to list them.
    ~Rowdy: My eleven year-old golden retriever. He's a real sweetie, but he's a spazz. If I don't respond to a RP real quick, it's probably because he stepped on my computer charger and unplugged it, which turns the whole thing off. He's all white in the face these days, my poor baby.
    ~Sparkle: A two-year old cocker spaniel, she's a merle, so she has pretty blue eyes, but health issues. She's a real cuddle-bug, and I'm constantly getting side-tracked by her and wanting to cuddle. I've often caught myself singing the Veggie-Tales "Barbra Manatee" song and replacing "Barbra" with "Sparkle".
    ~Dottie: Sparkle's sister. She's my mother's dog, actually, but I take care of her. She's black and white with the biggest brown eyes ever. She's bouncy and loves to fetch, and has this monkey squeaky toy she chews on all the time.
    ~Rebel: My mom's cat. He's orange and white, with long fur. he has a tendency to go into this crazy mood and we call him 'Phil' when he does that. Currently, he's got on claw protectors in blue and grey because he wouldn't stop clawing on furniture.
    ~Captain Jack Sparrow (the cat): My large black cat--I'm not kidding! This cat is the size of Dottie. He's a sweetheart, though. He's very shy, admittedly, and sometimes refuses to come out from under the bed, but when he does, he likes to sit in people's laps. He's also ever-so-slightly chubby. He's a bit of a pig.

    Other Stuff About Me:
    I'm pretty shy, actually, and that's one of the reasons why I RP. It forces me to put myself out there and actually speak to people--though it's a little easier online than in real life! Despite being so shy, I have a tendency to talk a lot when I get comfortable around people. To the point of irritating them! I'm terribly affectionate with friends, and slightly jealous, too. My RP pet-peeves are really short responses, or really long responses that really give me nothing to work off of. I'd rather three sentences that tell a story than half a novel about the scent of roses. I love it when people are sarcastic about things, and my own sense of humor would be 'snark until someone laughs'. My goal in life, currently, is to make someone laugh so hard they can't breath at least one time a day. As for life goals...I haven't gotten any yet! It's stressful to think about it.
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  2. Goodness, what an introduction! Welcome to Shadowlack.

    I used to lurk around Wajas from time to time, although I never really got into the roleplaying aspect there. What was it like?

    That little dude who greets you when you're not logged in is named Rathskeller. He's actually a Rapine, which is a race that I've been planning on making playable in the near future. :) I'll be sure to let him know you think that he's cute. I think he's sort of become a mascot at first. Unless... you mean the absolutely adorbs guy on the About page. That's Cayson, and he's a Lukuo, which is just a mutated Pendragon. :)
  3. Haha...I hope that's a good thing.

    The RPing used to be pretty good back in the day (two years ago), though it's a lot less detailed. For the most part it was random things that people came up to keep themselves busy in-between the long lulls of activity. It wasn't particularly good roleplaying, but it was a good start for me. Now days, it has slowed way down, to the point that you're lucky if you get a post even once a month. I love the site to death, but I really needed something to give me more of a challenge.

    Ahh, that makes sense. I thought that he looked slightly familiar from when I was stalking the wiki page, and that explains it!

    Thank you for the warm welcome, I think I'll stick around. This is a lovely site.
  4. I haven't logged into my account on Wajas in quite some time. I kind of forget what all I had in it. :x I think the only game that I'm playing at the moment that is similar in nature is Flight Rising. I sort of have a thing for pet sites. I've had an active Neopets account for fourteen years because it's a good way to relax. :)

    Hopefully you can make Shadowlack one of your internet homes. ^_^
  5. Hello Lupa, welcome aboard :D

    You have an adorable sounding little menagerie!

    The internet is a good place for shy people, I know it's definitely helped me :3

    Your goals seem a little dangerous, I hope these people you're making laugh start breathing again some point after the fact!
  6. Thank you!

    Thank you again, though sometimes I would have to disagree, especially when they wake me up at ungodly hours of the night just because they think my face is a wonderful pillow. The cats especially are known for that.

    Oh dear, I hope so too! There's so few that think I'm amusing as is...
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