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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Fey, May 12, 2009.

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  1. I'm just so sorry. About not showing my face here, without a word, without a warning I disappeared. I know I shouldn't have. But I just couldn't.

    I have had a terrible couple months. That have led me to feel so sad. So dead. I knew I couldn't rp because of it. I just couldn't be in character even if I tried. I'll tell you why. Why I couldn't appear. Why I feel so down. Two of my best friends died. In a car crash in Europe. God knows why. Why it had to be them. But it was. I was friends with them for almost eight years. And now they are gone. From me. Forever. After the funeral I was hit terribly by it. And felt like joining them. Seeing them again. But a few things kept me going a few friends came to help. I owe them so much. I have been trying to stay myself. Be myself. It's taking so long. But I am alive. I hope to return as myself as my characters. And be the Fey you guys loved.

    I will be on msn though may not reply. *hugs*

    And Enalska, Jynx, Darkeyeddragon and anyone else I owe rp replies to. I'm sorry I vanished without a word.

    *Hugs all* Fey out.
  2. You have no need to apologize Fey, the suffering that you've had to go through is unimaginable. Take all the time in the world, and come back however you feel comfortable, we'll still love you, none of this past tense loved.

    I offer my sincerest condolences Fey, and please hang in there *hugs*
  3. Ah man ;_; ignore the PM I sent earlier man, I'm so sorry to hear that. All I can say is that I hope you feel better soon, really. Don't apologize for anything. We can all understand completely why you haven't been here and don't feel obligated to be here. Just take care of yerself till you feel up to coming back. :heart: We'll be waiting.
  4. i'm afaid what i was going to type up would hurt you like the any other person i would hurt, all i could say is that you have a heart, you care for the death of your friends and i respect that.
  5. Stay strong Fey, time might not heal every wound but it can lessen the stinging.
  6. No need for apologizing hun. Shit happens in the world. and there is no need to apologize for things you cannot control. I am truly sorry for your loss hun *huggles you tight* but i am glad you are still alive, in both senses. *snuggles*
  7. Thank you all. I feel loved. *Hugs all.* I am now back and will begin the next stage of my...healing. I.e, RP'ing once more on Monday. (Though now on the maximum strength anti-depressants. Even though they are having no effect at all.) I need to RP. To be right again.

    I thank you all for the support you guys gave me. Stopped me from writing so many sad essays and poems. I have finally started wearing colour again. Been wearing nothing but black for so long. But yes. Fey fey is back. Or at least some of him.
  8. Drugs only seem to be issued when they can't do more then take the edge off. As for the sad writing, I like to take advantage of mine to write death and breakup scenes in my short storys. The RPing will help, I might not have any situations as extreme as the one you just went through but simply talking to others in any fashion will help you get some of the pain out of your heart. You are loved here because these are good caring people and you've befriended them. Finally, who needs colord clothing when black looks so cool for every situation? Seriously, black suit and a purple fedora would look awsome.

    Here's rootin for ya.
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