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Thread in 'Hatchling Central' started by AshFisher, May 7, 2015.

  1. I already posted on the official Introduction thread, but that doesn't seem to be enough to unlock creating a character....so here I am making a thread.

    I'm Ash,
    I like to draw, read, write, and play video games.
    I am currently out of work, though I am busy looking for something new! (Gotta pay those bills, and feed my animals!)
    I live in Texas, where it is already getting pretty warm(I'm gonna hate summer).
    Hmmm.....I think that about sums me up?
    So yea, hope now I can create my character that I was super excited about :)
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  2. Hey, Ash! Your character creating abilities shall be unlocked shortly. :)

    What kind of animals do you have? And what would you say that your dream job is?
  3. I have two cats a ferret and a tadpole.
    I love working with horses, so a job at a tables would be a dream come true :heart:
    I would also be happy at a pet store :)
  4. Aww, so awesome! :) I used to collect newts - that's probably the closest I ever came to owning a tadpole. I've got some cats, a whole bunch of freshwater shrimp, and a corn snake right now. ^_^

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