I have returned O:

Thread in 'General Chat' started by Pendzez Zazkex, Dec 17, 2013.

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  1. Holy shit my dudes,

    Guess who is back :3
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  2. Sup?! Welcome back. How goes it? :3
  3. goes good thanks. I really missed you guys and thought to return.
  4. So, what have I missed?
  5. Missed you too!

    Ooh.... all sorts of craziness. We finally got around to fleshing out a little bit of space too. ^_^ It's going to make for some really fun scheming.
  6. awesome! :D

    I also feel that Pendzez and Abigail aren't ready to die off, so maybe continue on with them somewhere.
  7. That's good to hear! :) I'm hoping to bring in some new playable races in the near future too. So that ought to be fun.
  8. oh cool :) definitely look forward to that.

    and I know this prolly aint the place, maybe we should make more Abigail/Vythe thread stories :3
  9. This is totally the place. That would be pretty good too, as I've been contemplating retiring him for the past while. It'd give me a great reason to keep him around!
  10. hehe cool. we should work something out sometime soon :)
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  11. Yaaaaay! I love a good returning! :D Welcome back!
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