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Thread in 'Help Desk' started by Ryuu007, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. hi,
    I was wondering, instead of a pure pendragon, Anubi, or other race, can I start with a hybrid character? If so, what are the limitations on it?
  2. Yep, hybrids are possible between certain subspecies. We've got a handy little chart here that shows the possibilities: Racial Interbreeding

    The biggest restriction are the races that can't interbreed as they've evolved too much to still be compatible with the other races. These would be the Aquabats and Takula.

    The bottom of that Wiki page list a few other things you'll want to take into consideration. Such as sizes and societies.

    As for when you go to create a hybrid character I believe the practice is to choose which ever species from the drop down list that your character most resembles.
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  3. yeah I saw that list already. I will do more research on this but I was thinking of something like Pendragon and Yki for the benefits it would give my character. but if its not cool with you guys, I am alright with doing a pure pendragon character. I just thought a change of pace was I needed from playing single race characters. Oh and I was wondering whether I could start a new genealogy with my character as the founder. Again, only if its cool with you.
  4. Yes, a Pendragon x Yki would be totally fine. You're also totally free to start up your own family/genealogy as well. You could even start up your own secret society with specific customs if that is what you're after. :)
  5. whoa did you read my mind or something? that was exactly what i had in mind. one thing, I made a character page but for some reason its not showing upon the active character list. okay, now that i have the go ahead from you, i will work out the finer details of my character and his family tree & the society you mentioned.
  6. Do you mean the active character list on the wiki? If so, it's cached and takes quite a while to update there. The wiki is more so for extended profiles.

    So it's usually best to edit/update your character via the Character Registry, and then think about the potential of writing more about them in the wiki.
  7. ah i see now, so that's why i had some trouble locating the page. alright i think i created it in the wiki section already and i might have done so in the character registry too, i will check on that.

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