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Thread in 'Announcements' started by shriker, Jul 31, 2019.

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  1. I'm working hard at preserving all of our site data. The amount of unique content is pretty daunting, but it's been a fun job so far.

    The next version of this site is likely going to be off of XenForo and written more modular. While XenForo is great and feature-rich, the way that add-ons are setup has really pigeon-holed future development. I could spend the time re-writing my add-ons to XenForo 2, or I could write independent new extensions and write more things faster. (Also licensing has really been adding up and I want to keep Shadowlack 100% ad-free.)

    Happy hatchday to Shadowlack! Here's to more interesting things in the future. Also, join in on the Discord chat. We're always happy to have more people! :rapine::rainbow::cat::cake:
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