Contest Hey Shadowlack, we're twelve years old! [Hatchday Raffle]

Thread in 'Announcements' started by shriker, Jul 18, 2014.

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  1. Today Shadowlack (fka Ramath-lehi) celebrates its twelfth hatchday. Now that I've got that proem out of the way (look at me, using the word of the day!), I'd like to get to the actual content of this post.

    Originally I had a bunch of items planned for today, yet international events have put a damper on festivities. It's increasingly difficult to celebrate the life of something when the world really seems intent on hurting itself.

    In light of everything: Isn't it kind of strange that Shadowlack is nearly old enough (13) to sign up and register as a player itself here? Maybe they lied about their age and actually signed up when they were nine. What kind of roleplayer do you think they'd be? Or would they just hang out and troll? It's a little hard to try and personify a website. I'd like to think of them as a relatively good-natured individual...

    :cake: Anyway, for every in character post that you make between now and July 31st, 2014, you will be automatically entered into our Hatchday Raffle. Only in character posts are applicable, and the winners will be announced on August 1st. :cake:

    Raffle prizes include (but are not limited to):
    • Tangible "Ramathian World Map" print (19" x 12" with a printed area of 17" x 10"). (Will require you to privately give a mailing address to @Iversia)
    • A custom user title.
    • A custom avatar drawn by @Iversia of a character of your choosing.
    • An extra character slot.
    • A full year of Magos Account upgrades.
    • Plus whatever else I think up between now and then. ;)
    Notice: If you get someone to join and they make an in character post between now and when the contest ends, they too will be entered into the raffle. All active members are eligible.

    :unipeg: :giggle::excited: :alien::squirrel: :skeleton: :owl:

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  2. Happy anniversary to you all who stuck with it! I can't quite remember when I first joined, but I got some files that say 2005.

    Shadowlack would probably be emo to some degree but generally good natured, methinks. But yeah, hard to say with a website.
  3. Good lord, Shadowlack is almost old enough for all its adult teeth! I can't even remember when I joined, but I think it was circa 2004... A decade of pendragons!

    I like to think that Shadowlack would be one of those people that dives in super enthusiastically, rolls with their mistakes, and brings a lot of life into the forum--even if they are only pretending to be 13.
  4. Shadowlack definitely has an asymmetrical haircut. It looks like they got into a fight with a lawn mower.
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  5. Woooo! Happy hatchday to my favourite websites :D Does this mean Shadowlack is old enough to be left at home alone now? No more babysitter required? :p

    While definitely good natured I also think SL would be a bit of a reclusive from time to time when they indulge in large creative projects :3
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