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Thread in 'Hatchling Central' started by XGYARA, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. Hi guys! My name is GYARA and I'd like to introduce myself.
    So, I am a gamer, loving RPG's and anything made by Nintendo.
    I like drawing, would like to learn how to play the guitar (to make ladies go crazy XD)
    I speak English pretty well, despite it not being my main language.
    I'm from Poland (the land far,far... okay, no one cares.)
    I love writing, the ability to create anything using words... amazing.
    And that's why I come and hope to stay.
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  2. Welcome Gyara! Or do you like your name in all caps? GYARA! Like, RAWRRR! :)

    We'd certainly love to have you here. It's really great when we get people who have English as a second, or sometimes even as a third or fourth language. I find that this style of writing really helps improve writing skills. If you run into any trouble, or need any help or clarification, just let us know! We're a really friendly bunch of people.

    You should also be able to create a new character in approximately an hour. :frolic: It just takes a little while for the automatic permissions to run after your first post has been moderated.

    What are your favourite Nintendo games?
  3. Well, Pokemon (played all up to X/Y/OR/AS because I don't have a 3ds and that's also where my nickname comes from... The pokemon Gyarados), Mario, Zelda (Played Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass, Wind Waker and Majora's Mask) and a bit of Metroid (I never played the Prime series, though, just Fusion, Super Metroid and Zero Mission)
    As for the case of letters in my nickname, I am fine with not having them capitalized. (Though you get a free chance of using caps lock without rage or hate.)
    I won't have any troubles writing in English (I speak and write fluidly in it, as you can probably see now.)
  4. Ooh, nice! I love Pokemon too. I've been playing since R/B, but I actually haven't picked up OR/AS yet. I'm hoping to get it later on this month. :) Personally I'm not too fond of the 3DS. I find the battery life to be really terrible, and I'd much rather play on my DS lite or DSi. I've played quite a few of the Zelda games as well, but not many of the newer Mario or Metroid ones.

    Glad to see that you were able to create your first character successfully! ^_^
  5. ooh, had that too, it broke half a year ago, though, so I'm left with emulators.
  6. Aw, if it's any consolation, mine is on its last legs. While not entirely broken, my screens have started to slowly separate due to old age. It's still playable, but kind of ugly. My DSi is holding up pretty well though!

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