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Thread in 'Hatchling Central' started by Norevenge, Jun 28, 2013.

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  1. Hi there im Norevenge
    This isn't my first time on a Role play website as ive role played on a site called Iwaku since January of this year...wow that feels like such a long time ago and yet i use to like chat role play as it was fast paced but have got to prefer the Forum/Posting role play.
    gaming wise i like to play retro games mostly for the Nintendo 64 Sega genesis and i have a old Sega games console takes disk of which i cant remember its make. i also play mine craft allot *cough cough* could say i play it alot more than the other games i play such as Team Fortress 2 or Deus ex Human Revolution or Counter strike ect.
  2. since i have been on i haven seen any other members online... though a lot of guests seems like this place is abandoned even though i take note that users live in different timezone its been dead all day !
  3. Hi Norevenge!

    We are a little quiet right now, it doesn't help that I'm in the thralls of moving across the city so I'm getting very little computer time and that our admin has been temporarily displaced by a flood. We're definitely trying to build up our player base :)

    Oh man, is Nintendo 64 considered retro now? Geez that makes me feel old! Are you playing them on original console or emulators?
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    im playing them on emulators for pc.. oh gosh a flood this time of year wow i hope they can get it sorted a your admins house. it flooded real bad in tewksbury near where i got to 6th form at in 2007 in the uk it seems like we get too much rain!
    apparently were in a quiet season... when is shadolack at is busy time during the year ?
  5. I do hear about a lot of rain in the UK, it's kind of your guyses thing :p

    We should get a summer bump soon I think, when people get past the first excitement of summer. In early fall when school gets back in session is another one.

    I see you got your first character up, yay!
  6. Hey there, hi there!

    Yep, things get slow... but we never die. Kind of the nature of this place. It's always been an internet home. The cool thing about N64 games these days is that they can pretty much be all played via an emulator. I probably played the most out of Super Smash Brothers on that system. Kirby was my home-boy. Also weird to think that it'd be considered retro now. I'm really old. :x

    A flood can't keep me down! I'm still displaced... but trying to stay hopeful. :)
  7. Welcome to the boards Norevenge!
    Yeah it gets a bit slow sometimes but as Iversia said, we never die. : )
  8. Hi norevenge
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