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Thread in 'Hatchling Central' started by Lycanshero, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. I think I posted my intro in the wrong area. Serves me right to do that at twilight hours of when I should go to bed. hehe.

    Hello everyone, I am Lycanshero, or Shero for short or Lycan. Whichever, however I was on this site before, but lost all connections to it due to lots of moving and losing the link. But I would like to say I am back although had to use a new account. Lycanscar is my first name of this site when it was originally called Ramath-Lehi, but with the change over and all that, I was lost. If my username isn't one to remember, I know my first Pendragon was named Averin. Anyways, it is nice to get a new start on things and figure out where things are now times since I departed.

    Anyways to complete my re-introduction, I have been to several PBP sites, but lost all connection due to moving around, trying to get back into them again. The thing that interested me in this site was the scifi mixed with a little fantasy scenery, the races, and much more. Hoping to remake friends and make new and interesting rps after creating my character(s) to play in this world. How I (re)found this site was through the bread-crumbs of those I watched on Deviant Art. I am an artist, loved to draw the unique furry like creatures, but have adapted my art to be digital over traditional. As for pets, I have quite a few, but not with me currently due to circumstances, but I have five dogs that I still consider my pets no matter how far away I am from them.

    Anyways, that is mostly about me, maybe a few things I left out, but yeah. Hope to get started as soon as possible.
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  2. Whoa, hey Shero (I like that name)! It's always awesome to see some old faces come back. :)

    Would you like me to merge your old @Lycanscar account in with your new one? That way you would essentially inherit all of your old posts, as well as your original account creation date.

    Do you have any updated portfolios of your artwork? I'd love to see what you've been working on lately. ^_^

  3. It is good to see you as well and that would be nice. So yes I would like my old account merged into this one, but I also would like to do a Tabula Rasa or Blank Slate with characters if that is possible. (No characters, as if I just joined)

    As for the art, I could, but the site that has my more current art is offline at the current moment and I don't know when it will be back up. However maybe later tonight or tomorrow I will be returning to my original art site; Deviant Art to add my new stuff to it or at least the content that I can since DA is different to FA, xD.

    Although I do want to attempt an old plan I had for a council member slot, but in truth I would like to at least get back into the flow of things before asking or attempting that again. I could also PM you about the plan I had in the past before my disappearance, if you like. However as I said I would like to re-wet my ears in this site before attempting anything of the such.
  4. Awesome, consider it done then. :) Your old characters can remain in stasis on my backup drive.

    Hopefully FA comes back online as fast as they can. If you want, you can also upload things to the gallery here. We also have an age-locked media gallery for NSFW content that no one has taken advantage of yet. I've been meaning to upload some of my stuff but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

    Totally feel free to PM me with council members ideas. I love plotting those sorts of things out. ^_^ There's a lot of new things in the wiki, but I don't imagine that it would be terribly difficult to get back up to speed.
  5. Sweet. Thank you.

    Just now need to figure out the the PM system here. lol

    As for the art though, I wouldn't mind doing this site when I have pictures presentable for here ^.^
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  6. Brilliant. :)

    Oh yes, the PM system here is a little bit confusing at first. You seem to have gotten it though. Do let me know if you have any questions though. I really look forward to seeing some of your art here whenever you get the time!
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  7. Oh wow, you've been really busy. :D How long did it take you to do the house one with all of those characters?
  8. Roughly a month since I had little time to do art with work and other life interruptions.
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  9. Hi Lycan, welcome back! It's always great when people make the return :D

    Your art is looking great!

    And yessssss, another council member >:3 We really should have a nice political plot sometime soon.
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  10. Thank you and Thank you.

    Also working out the kinks on that, just need to see if I can add at least one or two additional trades to him ^.^
  11. Might have to start saving up some glims to buy those extra trades ;)

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