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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Morichai, May 13, 2008.

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  1. kekekek, it takes a bit to upload, but not to draw ^_^

    i may try out a different style for her though :P
  2. Thanks! I'll put your drawing of her later.
  3. is it me or is it that your things are getting more cute?
  4. must be going to cute class?
  5. hehe aw thanks guys, you just mademy day :P
  6. Could you do one for Mazzy and Xevie?

    [Nicknames for Maziel and Xeviel]
  7. yep, small wait cozim finishing college stuff, but i will get to them ^_^
  8. Alrighty, sorry to say.. but bad news.
    There's a heap of art I need! I'm sorry. XD
    I've created a group of new characters, and well, I want them to be happy.
    I can be patient, it doesn't matter if it's too much time.

    You can do one at a time.
  9. XD aye aye, there'll be a wait though, but i havent forgotten :P
  10. Okey then, I can wait unless it takes a year. XD
  11. Mori am I too late? Do you mind doing Veaji, Dev and Khuta? o.O I know that's a lot. And I don't want to bog you down some more. I've got cookies! Otherwise I'd just draw them out myself (like years later XD).

    I want them for profile pictures. ^^

    I don't know why, but I feel I should say sorry for adding to your load =/
  12. i wil get to them :P it depends on inspiration and workload, i'm gunna make a list though so i dont forget and so you can seeee :P

    To do~

    Soulless - Mazzy and Xavie

    Chirou - Perniare, Kayri and Laoris

    Kutz - Veaji, Dev And Khuta

    What i'll do so youz aren't waiting too long is do the first charrie you all request then move on to the others, then you all get something ^_^
  13. Yay~ XD
    I can't wait! All the fun and well, whatever!
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